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  • Sun, Mar 24 2019 6:03 PM

    update 2018.12.2

    so once again I updated and once again it runied everything. Seriously bad playback, beach ball and delays. Once again I had to install 2018.2.1 again, for this to work "properly" becasue it actually never really did, in comparison to other NLE's

    i.e show waveforms slow down everything in general, close to unusable. and have done for many versions now. Why??    

    How come Avid can't get this right ???  I've worked on FCPX. Resolve and Adobe, on all kinds of machines with all kinds of configurations, and updates. They all run like the wind... with visible waveforms. Live update, what have you.  new Titler + . dont get me started. It should be so simple...     

    unfortunately I had to revert to AVID for this film I'm doing right now, because the post production house required it. 

    I know this isnt a questions or anything. I'm done with Avid after this, sorry to say it. I'm all out of patience. And support really sucks. Marianna is cool. She does her best, but why do one have to write her all the time for things to feel a bit professional, in terms of support. She cant fix bad coding though...      

    Resolve is my next NLE . . it's free. it's fast . and it works. 

    anyway ...  I aplogize for the rant - but honestly AVID, it's simply not good enough. 

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  • Mon, Mar 25 2019 2:04 PM In reply to

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    Re: update 2018.12.2

    Hey My friend....

    I have asked Asha who runs support for Avid to contact you....  Thanks for the kind words but... everyone needs to assist customers and not just the Community team.  Asha needs to hear your experiences so she can fix it.


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  • Mon, Mar 25 2019 2:10 PM In reply to

    Re: update 2018.12.2

    Its not related to this from the supported hardware online document:

    • Computer: Avid-qualified Apple computers
    • Memory: 16GB minimum.  32 (or more) recommended.
    • See Feature Performance page for more info.
    • Mac OS Compatibility Grid
    • Additional Notes:
    • 12-core 2013 Mac Pro (Ivy Bridge 6,1 Cylinder) and dual 6-core Mac Pro (Westmere 5,1 tower) model CPU's on Mac OSX 10.10.x (Yosemite) have known performance issues with playback, render, and transcode of RED material. If possible, customers with these CPUs that use RED workflows should stay on Mac OS 10.9.5 as it does not exhibit the same performance issues. (UPDATE: This is fixed with the latest RED AMA plugin v1.16.5 and later)


    I noticed the OPs machine was a 12 core 2013 Mac Pro....


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  • Wed, Mar 27 2019 7:36 PM In reply to

    Re: update 2018.12.2

    but there's nothing to fix. I'm just done. Avid just doesn work well. Period. ALL other NLE's do. doesnt matter what update, what new operation system update. they just work. snappy. real time. editing is quick and intuitive. Sure some bugs here and there. Avid is old fashioned and generally clumbsy, in my opinion. Just the fact that it took 20 odd years for Avid to get a live timline, is redicolous - and it took several more updates so that it didnt crash the system.

    I have the most bad ass computer, even though it's from 2013 it's still bad ass - and there's an issue with the Avid Software, because it's 12 core !!... not the other nle's.. just Avid. You know?? Avid needs to step up their game. and I'm done with support, it just takes too much time. the first 3 people give you different answers the to a problem anyway, or never can answer yes or no, to a simple quesiton. you get something like: it's by design. The whole f... software is by design. what kind of answer is that. "Is what i'm experincing normal YES or NO"

    the competition out there is just too hard. I'll take the NLE that works. Resolve is free and pretty awsome, when you think about it. Grading. Audio suite . VFX . and then you pay a little and you get some extra features. I havent had to talk to support yet. I could imagine it's faulty too :-) that would be too much of a good thing. the only ones that really have it figured out is Apple. Nothing comes close to their general support.

    I'm a director and editor, that's what I do. I cant be bothered to be on the phone to try and figure out why a software doesnt work when there other software out there that do - and do the same job - only better -  and they work.

    could be that one day Avid have it right. and could be my mind just doesnt fit Avid.            

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  • Wed, Mar 27 2019 10:26 PM In reply to

    • SSherrick
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    Re: update 2018.12.2

    I'm burning a Blu-Ray disc of all things right now, so I'll take a stab at this. In the early days of Avid, this was all different. They had hardware and software integrated. It was expensive. Support contracts were expensive. But, if you had a problem, I recall it was much easier to diagnose issues because the hardware and software was tied together. And they would overnight a part if something went wrong. Fast forward to 2019 and you have software that is running on all kinds of configurations, some supported, some not. Avid no longer has as much control over that integration and perhaps this has been a difficult transition for them. You could say their base code is older than any of the other NLEs. Certainly older than FCPX which is tightly integrated with Apple hardware, hence the optimization. Resolve relies heavily on GPUs for its performance. And Adobe, well they seem to be hit or miss when it comes to stability and optimization.

    So, where does this leave us? Many bigtime editors still edit on Avid. Some of them still edit on relatively archaic systems. I know this first hand having worked on features where I've created dailies for these editors. A lot of them believe in the mantra if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And it's not a bad one to follow. I'm not a big fan of the constant updates. Avid is not the only one guilty of this. It has become the norm now to rush out software and let paid customers beta test it, then just provide updates to fix things, and then more updates to fix the new things you broke. It's frustrating. I tend to stay away from the bleeding edge these days. I wait for bugs to be worked out, then when it seems like the coast is clear, I may jump in (although never in the middle of a big project).

    I think updating to the latest and greatest has to be carefully thought about. Does updating an OS help solve something with one piece of software, but then break several others? It requires a plan. Do all of my plugins work with the new update. I'm not a fan of companies wanting to dictate what version of software you "need" to be running. I'm trying to digest Avid's email that just went out today about not supporting earlier versions in certain scenarios (check your email for details).

    Subscriptions worry me. I have watched one of my colleagues constantly updating his machine, sometimes breaking things that were working fine. But this constant barrage of notifications to update this, update that. It's perhaps getting a bit out of control. Sometimes, especially with brand new versions of a piece of software, I think marketing departments sometimes overide the programming departments and things aren't always ideal for customer when that happens.

    So, I can understand your frustration. I don't think Avid is in the best position financially to re-write their code from scratch, optimize it for 2019 hardware as well as some may want them to. Not to mention, they always risk scaring off their base if they go too far away from the UI and experience that many longtime editors are accustomed to. So, I would say this is an interesting time for Avid. BMD sells lots of hardware. Makes it a bit easier to offer free or relatively free software. Same with Apple. The $299 was recouped on the first day on a paid gig I did with FCPX. And no update fees or subscriptions to speak of. But Apple has more money than we can imagine, so not sure FCPX is a drain on their bank account. Adobe is also massive and has taken some market share from Avid, so they are doing okay financially as well.

    I want Avid to do well. I think there are certain parts of the NLE that are still very solid in 2019 even when compared to the competition. But clearly, there are things that are not where they should be today. Namely, the ability to do more than editing. Hands down, I can do more things to complete a video in FCPX and Resolve than I can in Avid alone. But Avid is still a great place to do straight up editing, so makes sense that feature film and TV editors who often are just concerned about story and how the images cut together than they are about fancy titling or whiz bang effects. But ultimately, a new generation of editors will be taking over and their expectations may not be the same as the current generation of top editors.

    Let's hope Avid can survive and evolve. Their are a lot of people working hard there to make it happen. I'm rooting for them. And I still cut on Avid when it's the right tool for the job.

  • Thu, Mar 28 2019 8:32 AM In reply to

    • TrevorA
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    Re: update 2018.12.2

    I’m running 2018.12.1 on an iMac 5K retina pretty successfully. I’ve been posting bugs as I find them (and correcting them when they weren’t actual bugs!). Waveforms are a breeze. 

    Sorry to hear you are having such a negative experience but it is not all plain sailing in other NLEs. FCPX has nice ideas but has not appeared in my world. At all. Resolve is great for grading but still not compelling for editing (price point & fact grading is far superior to Symphony makes it very attractive). PPro is on my machine (AE & Media encoder used many times each day) and I was using PP a lot but now Avid can do just about everything as linked media I’m back on that.

    Then if you start to need to share projects and turnover to sound/VFX you’ll know why avid is still major Hollywood & broadcast news player. Who generally aren’t running on 2013 macs of any description 

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  • Thu, Mar 28 2019 6:16 PM In reply to

    Re: update 2018.12.2


    At the risk of sounding like I'm being overly defensive of AVID (I am) and that I'm trolling or trying to argue you away from jumping ship, from my perspective your sentiment is misguided. I too use AVID, smoke, resolve, Adobe, FCP and have for YEARS. They each have their strong points and weaknesses (try running 6k RED on that trashcan of yours in Resolve!) -- but what tool you choose to use is your own preference and completely bashing AVID for what really is a VERY complicated and personal, individual scenario and experience is unwarranted. I work at a place with a wide variety of systems, and they all work fast and solidly with AVID.

    Unfortunately, that 2013 MacPro is far from an ideal machine in either Premiere, Resolve OR AVID in comparison to what's available today -- so once again (as the follow-up poster alluded) it's up to you (and us the users) in today's age to make sure we're using the right hardware for what we're trying to do -- you can't blame AVID, and NO!! other edit softwares definitely do NOT work perfectly out of the box all the time without issue. Yes, I'm sure FCPx works great on that trashcan, but that software is niche and VERY underserving in collaborative edit/finish environments. Before you get upset, the point I'm trying to make is each person's configuration (hardware, OS, drivers, cards, software versions, plug-ins) really is the true culprit to that person not having a good experience when using a certain software. And from my experience, the AVID support team has done a terrific job in addressing the issues that do come up more expediently than Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and Blackmagic.

    Do what you will, but as a 20+ year veteran editor/finisher who has developed a deep appreciation and love for AVID over all other editing packages, for your benefit I hope you re-evaluate your frustration.


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  • Fri, Mar 29 2019 7:36 AM In reply to

    Re: update 2018.12.2

    not saying the other apps are flawless - but they just work, in terms of performance, for my use. And on my machine. Yes I edit primarely I don't finish, as such. AVID has never worked in terms of performance. And costumer care is ***. execpt for Marianna, who you turn to when you cant get a proper response from generel costumer care. which basically is beside the point of perormance.    

    sure when you worked with things for 20 years you get used to a certain work flow. But whatever. Other apps just do it better for me. never have crashes. never have udpates ruin everyhting. So far.      

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  • Fri, Mar 29 2019 8:03 AM In reply to

    Re: update 2018.12.2

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. And I agree. It's very personal as to what you're looking for in an NLE. Genrelally what you do with one mouse click or one drag in Resolve or some of the others, you do with 3 clicks in AVID. There's that. very tiresome. Been fiddling with short cuts that are not possible to do. But my big thing is performance. AVID just doesn't do it. AVID say it's my 12 core, but other NLE are fine with 12 core. that ie something as simple as showing waveforms, is killing a film editing software is redicolous. Only AVID does that. on my setup.        

    Resolve works . it's fast . it has some great quick edting features. VFX. Sound. best grading -- and it's free. or with a price for extra features. To me it's a no brainer.

    As posthouses die out - and they slowly do becaue as an independant producer you can do a full post from you own bed these days - you will need an updated software that addresses that change. If AVID only look at the past and straight up editing, very soon they've lost the game. I'm 100 % certain. 

    And one pivotal thing is costumer care. Apple is the only one who seems to really understand what that means.  

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  • Fri, Mar 29 2019 9:59 AM In reply to

    • TrevorA
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    Re: update 2018.12.2

    Using waveforms on Avid *used*to be very painful (hence options like show waveforms in to out or only on certain tracks)

    That all improved several years ago and now is much better than PP (both in speed & usability, first thing I have to do on PP is turn off automatic waveforms & the PP ones are useless for lining up music and fairly useless for editing dialogue)

    I freelance at many avid places, big & small, Mac & pc, and don’t see the issues you describe (although most are back on 2018.5 or earlier)

    So either there is an underlying issue with the 2013 Mac or there is an issue with your ram or storage. (Or 2018.12.2 does have an issue)

     Does the slowness exist in a fresh project after a full reboot or does it slow over the day?





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  • Fri, Mar 29 2019 3:49 PM In reply to

    Re: update 2018.12.2

    could be but, only AVID on my system... not the others. slows it down and casues delay when you press a button. up to 3 seconds. some times more. eventually it'll crash   

    Media Composer 2018.12.2 Mac Pro, late 2013, 2.7 GHZ 12 Core Intel Xeon E5 64 GB 1867 Mhz DDR3 memory AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB [view my complete system specs]
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