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    Re: Managing media

    It is possible in windows to map a drive letter to a network location. That network location could be a subfolder for media for that project. Before you launch MC you run the command to mount the required netowrk location as a drive.

    Then in MC you just use that drive letter (you need to enable all drives int he console)

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    Re: Managing media

    One nice feature with Avid is that when it creates an MXF file, it takes as the first 6 characters of the resulting filename the same first 6 characters of the clip name. Followed by a hyphen.

    This is useful. In our company we give each source videotape both an archive number and a reel number (the reel number being particular to the particular production. And we use the archive number - which is unique to the reel - as the first six letters of the clip name when logging/capturing. So a typical clip would be called for example 500126-Clip-001 - when this gets captured, the resulting MXF files all have the prefix 500126-followed by the mxf identifier string.

    This makes weeding the storage for files  and sorting them into project-specific sub-folders really easy, as we can see from the start of the MXF filename what source reel the file relates to.

    Similarly, imported media - such as DSLR footage, voiceovers, graphics, are usually created outside Avid with filenames that begin with the production number - which conveniently is also a 6-digit number, so this also survives as the start of the resulting MXF filename - once again making sorting easy.

    So on only needs to ensure that clip names and imported file names begin with a useful, project or reel-specific 6 digit number and the MXF files Avid generates will always be identificable as to which project or reel they relate to.

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    Re: Managing media

    @Adrian Redmond: I'm sure I'm kickin' the hornets' nest here, but you would love MDV. Shows you all the meaningful, human-readable metadata attached to that MXF.

    Yep, sometimes it doesn't read metadata. But if you're not roundtripping to Resolve, and you're transcoding all your source footage in Media Composer before the edit, it should all be there.

    And yes, the Windows version is old, but it's fully functional.

    Cannot recommend enough.

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