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  • Thu, Dec 20 2018 4:47 PM

    • Adrian Redmond
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    Off-topic YouTube question

    This hasn't really anything to do with Avid, but maybe another editor out there has a neat fix for this....

    I do a lot of my research, and even more of my spare time chilling watching YouTube - often old TV-series from the UK that are only available here - but as a TV pro it constantly annoys me that many (really many) videos are uploaded to YouTube with the wrong aspect ratio - most often 4:3 productions that are encoded as 16:9.

    There are also, for some reason, many older 4:3 productions where the upload only captured a zoomed in version of the top right of the screen, with the 4:3 frame filled, but cropping the bottom and left side.

    I realise that this is a problem caused by the original uploader - and certainly cropped video data can never be restored from the available data - but what about 4:3 that has been stretched to 16:9 in error. Is there a simple fix or feature, or a third-party app, that allows one to watch incorrectly framed YT videos in the correct format?

    I have long wondered why YT simply doesn't add a menu-fix that allows users to automatically or manually reformat their viewer to compensate - there must be others who ask this question?

    And - equally off-topic - I won't even ask how one can persuade smart- and I-phone users to turn their phone into the 16:9 landscape format - I cringe at the thought of how much culturally and historically potentially valuable archive material out there is ruined (or at least damaged) by this curious habit). I'm sure I'm not the first editor to have this as a pet hate? (Maybe one day some smart smartphone manufacturer will add a feature that forces the user to film in landscape format, unless they disable the feature? :)

    Seasons greetings to all in MC land :)

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  • Fri, Dec 21 2018 10:24 AM In reply to

    • gswilson
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    Re: Off-topic YouTube question

    I've used Sorenson Squeeze quite a lot for reformating such footage, as SS is no longer available TMPGEnc Master Works is a good alternative.

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  • Fri, Dec 21 2018 5:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Off-topic YouTube question

    I am saying this for years and once again without being paid or anything like that.

    TMPGEnc is the best encoder of all.


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    • JonnyL
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    Re: Off-topic YouTube question

    Talking of pet hates, what about old interlaced footage that is not correctly resized to HD causing jagged lines.?  I see it all the time on broadcast TV - so lazy!

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    Re: Off-topic YouTube question

    Adrian Redmond:

    And - equally off-topic - I won't even ask how one can persuade smart- and I-phone users to turn their phone into the 16:9 landscape format -

     I couldn't agree more... also when musicians use their smartphones to stream a live performance and do it in portrait... grrr.

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  • Fri, Jan 4 2019 5:44 PM In reply to

    Re: Off-topic YouTube question

    There’s an app called Horizon that records a horizontal sized frame even if you manage to turn your iPhone 360 degrees while shooting.

    I wish my phone’s sensor was mounted 90 degrees to always shoot horizontally when I shoot vertically-held and that I could see its full-size but smaller “viewfinder” image superimposed over partial, swipe-able full image above/below. 

    Pet peeve: I think scale/cropping archival footage to 16x9 is a crime against history and the TV producers who force editors to do that belong behind sidebars!



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