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  • Sat, Dec 8 2018 8:33 PM

    Groups Match Framing To Offline Media After Consolidating

    So, I'm assisting for a film right now and my workflow has been, AMA linking, giving tape names based on date and camera card, and then transcoding DNX36 proxies. I then make subclips for Scenes and Takes, and if it is a multcam, I'll group the subclips. This has been showing no problems until I had to consolidate some takes onto another drive for the network. 

    I consolidated the groups and sublciips instead of the masterclips which I did not know would give me the biggest headache. I didn't know everything went wonky until I match framed from one of the groups in the sequence. It says it is offline in the source monitor even though it is online on the timeline. I'll also open up the bin where the group is and everthing is online and the reference clips point to the correct drive. If I matchframe with the bin open, then the groups in the bin will go offline and show reference clips pointing to the consolidated drive. You would think a simple fix would be just to relink, but when I consolidated from the subciips and groups, some of the new master clips became different lengths than the original master clips. So, the ones that are the same length relink fine but i don't know how to get avid to look at the correct master clips for the groups. 

    Also, if I select all relative media for the sequence with the reference clips showing, it selects all fo the correct media which is why it doesn't show offline in the timeline. All of the new consoldiated clips are showing as reference clips but none get selected.

    My only option right now after searchign and searching is to overcut, but even htat will be difficult because I won't know which oens in the timeline are bad groups until I matchframe every single clip but when  Imatchframe it changes the group in the bin, so I'm pretty stuck.

    Also using 2018.5

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    Re: Groups Match Framing To Offline Media After Consolidating

    Have you tried double match framing the group clips on the timeline? The only reason why i can see your group clips in the reference clips section showing as offline would be because the entire group clip never got consolidated, and rather only the clip from that group being used from the timeline got consolidated instead. This is an option when right clicking a sequence and ticking 'Consolidate all clips in a group edit'


    With the double match framing have a go at the following


    Match Frame to group clip on the timeline > Find Bin

    Then press the 'Toggle Source' button on the bottom left of the timeline and match frame again > Find Bin


    This re-directs Avid to select the master clip contained inside your group clip within your bin reference clips (if that mouthful makes any sense!)

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    Re: Groups Match Framing To Offline Media After Consolidating

    Thanks for your reply!

    I did not try that but we did come up with a solution that worked!

    We made a bin and dumped all of the groups that were made and had the correct online media into it. Closed the bin and then opened a sequence that had the "corrupt groups". Reopened the bin with all of the groups and the sequence updated itself and no longer looked for the consolidated media within the groups. We also made a copy of this bin just in case because it can have the opposite effect and make the bin with the good groups become "corrupt" as well.

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