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  • Tue, Aug 14 2018 7:03 AM

    Trim to A or B side


    I have smart tools tuned on. All selected. I hit trim to B-Side on keyboard - or trim to A-Side. Sometimes it starts by turning RED, sometimes it turns YELLOW, if you know what I mean? Why is that?

     I, for 95 % of the time want it to turn YELLOW.

    Also is there a way to make a short cut key that selects Trim Video to - let's say B side - and connecting audio to trim to A side. I use that kind of triming all the time. Now I have to click or press Trim A or B side button. then SHIFT clik the audio on the other side. and clik the number of audio tracks I have 

    AND if i hit the keyboard short cut key for A or B Trim and it turns YELLOW on one side, and I then SHIFT click to select the opposite audio - I linger with the mouse and the smart tool becomes the yellow ribble trim icon - I clik to select the opposite audio side -- it always first becomes the "dobble pink" Trim AB sides. (I then have to do a whole lot of cliking and resetting before I get to do what I want ...)

    So when I cllick again the program shifts between selecting the audio on the other side (pre selected by the Trim key) and the Trim AB sides - I can then clik iike 3-7 times on the side of the audio I originally wanted to select - and then it seems like the program gets tired of all the clicking and switching back and forth between Trim AB sides and the side of the audio I want to select -- and finally a magic click turns off Trim AB sides and I clik again and now it becomes TELLOW on the opposite side of the audio i started out to select

    Am I not getting something here in terms of AVID? or am I doing some real wrong? 

    It's pretty fool proof if I only use the mouse. Clik one video side, the then hold SHIFT and click the opposite audio -- but man it's a lot of clicking and kind of takes the genious away from the keyboard shortcuts. 

    i.e FCPX and DaVinci are so easy in terms of the above...                 

    Media Composer 2018.12.2 Mac Pro, late 2013, 2.7 GHZ 12 Core Intel Xeon E5 64 GB 1867 Mhz DDR3 memory AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB [view my complete system specs]
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