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  • Mon, Jul 23 2018 8:08 PM

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    Question about making rest api calls to MediaCentral


    I have connections to MediaCentral through port 8080 and 443. How can I make a quick call to it for test purpose? Maybe get system information back with the call?


    I have tried with:



    and got:

        "code": "avid.upstream/UNAUTHENTICATED",
        "params": {},
        "message": "No access token provided",
        "incident": "4de172f2-8ea5-11e8-9066-0060dd4478054532",
        "exchange": "4de172f1-8ea5-11e8-9066-0060dd4478054532",
        "status": 401





  • Thu, Jul 26 2018 3:06 PM In reply to

    Re: Question about making rest api calls to MediaCentral

    Hi Don,

    Apologies for the delay- I have asked development to reply to your question but they are heads down on an important release a this time.  My understanding is that the calls you need are well documented in the MediaCentral | Media Suite API documentation.  While we wait for development to chime in, can you take a look at the documentation? 


    Thank you.




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    Re: Question about making rest api calls to MediaCentral

    Hi Don,

    Sorry for the late reply but we are really excited about our new release and wanted to test and perfect it.

    Before calling the Connectivity Toolkit API you must first authenticate against the platform. If you call a method within a CloudUX app then the user did already log in and the session is authenticated.

    If you want to call a method outside of CloudUX then you must authenticate first.

    In previous versions of the MediaCentral Platform you can authenticate with user name and password like this:

    1. Call GET on https://clouduxserver/auth. The result is a HAL JSON structure

    2. Call GET on the href of the link "auth:identity-providers". That returns another a JSON with an embedded resource with all identity providers

    3. Pick the one with kind=mcux and link rel name "auth-mcux:login". On that href, call POST with a JSON like this:


      "username": "a valid user name",

      "password": "the pass word"



    After that the session is authenticated. The information is stored in a cookie. Then you can call the API methods.

    In the very new MediaCentral platform version we switched to the OAuth2 standard authentication mechanism to improve security. You can find all details about it here:

    About the general usage of the API. I would highly recommend to start with the CTMS registry service. Details are here: With it, you just need to know one URL as entry point to the API and can navigate via HAL structures through the API.

    Best regards,



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