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  • Wed, Apr 25 2018 8:12 PM

    • davidhh
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    AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround

    I had some trouble bringing an AAF into MC and just got a great workaround from Avid tech support.  Posting here in case other people run into the same issue & find that it isn't covered elsewhere. 

    My AAF is created in Cat-DV as a vehicle for transfering metadata to the Avid at the time I'm bringing the media in.   The AAF import creates Master Clips but all the media shows as offline (even though the path & filename info is all showing correctly in the MC bin).  I tried relinking & batch capture to no avail.

    The workaround:  relinking fails because the source media hasn't been logged in the Avid database.  So the solution is to open a new bin (call it TEMP) and use the source browser to link to all the actual media files.  This gets them into the Avid database.  Then you can either import your AAF or if you've already imported it, go to the Master clips and Relink using the settings shown on the attached screenshot.  Once you have the master clips from the AAF import linked to the media files, you can delete the TEMP bin.

    Thanks to April of Avid support for this one...

  • Thu, Apr 26 2018 9:21 AM In reply to

    Re: AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround


    This is a standard conform workflow. Of course an AAF of just metadata can't link to external media until MC has that media available.

    The missing step is to use show media relatives on the sequence in its own bin to produce a list of the needed sources for the sequence. Then using the source path and filename AMA link them to the temp bin.

    Then relink the sequence to siad open selected bin.


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  • Fri, Mar 22 2019 10:20 PM In reply to

    Re: AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround

    Neither of these apraoches work.  OMG Avid is so ***. And please don't tell I'm stupid.  I've been using Avid for 22 years heavily as an TV editor and also providing Tech support and as a teacher.  This should work SOOO much easier.  Bottom line is that Avid doesn't want it too.  I have mostly switched to premiere already, but am unfortunately trying to get an aaf from Premiere into Avid.  Nope.  I'm giving up.  And yes I have tried everything.  Thanks.

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    Dan Meadows

  • Sat, Mar 23 2019 3:45 AM In reply to

    Re: AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround

    Daniel Meadows:
    please don't tell I'm stupid
    Seems like a strange thing to post. However stating "Neither of these approaches work" without adding "for me" is a little strange when the first post kindly shares a solution that worked for them and the second confirms that this solution is a standard conform workflow.

    Daniel Meadows:
    Bottom line is that Avid doesn't want it too.
    A very subjective opinion IMO from using AAF's in and out of MC, Pro Tools and Resolve for years.  

    Daniel Meadows:
    unfortunately trying to get an AAF from Premiere into Avid.  Nope.
    A quick check of the Resolve Forums will show that Premiere exported AAF's have significant issues when trying to import them to Resolve (and Pro Tools.) maybe Adobe are the ones out of line with AAF's and wanting them to work in other programs?

    FWIW I see from your profile you are a Resolve user so If Resolve will accurately open your AAF then the Resolve deliver page, using the Export to Avid template, will produce an AAF and Avid Media directly into the Avid MediaFiles\MXF\numbered folder of your choice. Dragging this AAF into a bin in your MC project and that bin will populate with your timeline and all of its media.  I do this several times a week..... admittedly I am starting by opening the media in Resolve and making a string-out timeline rather than from an imported AAF from Premiere.  Could be worth your time to check it out IF you still want to get  the AAF to MC.


  • Sat, Mar 23 2019 2:27 PM In reply to

    Re: AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround

    Alayne,  I apologize for going off without a filter: I do appreciate the time taken to share that post, I also appreciate your response.  I've just become increasingly frustrated with Avid being so behind on a huge list of things.  I have been a loyal user for decades. 

    I have tried the Resolve pipeline, but for me it doesn't save any time since it's basically a transcode (I do this all the time to and from Resolve) and I could just batch import the imported aaf's source clips in the Avid.  That would be simpler.  But also much longer and would take up more space.  I want to make use of all the AMA linked media to which my sequence should refer to and not have to waste time on importing.  We are, after all, 10 years into the world of AMA, and yet there's not way to relink my sequence to AMA clips.  If Avid wants to join the rest of the world that works with "AMA" or linked media then it needs to resolve this.  I've never been able to successfully relink a sequnce to AMA media, even ones origianlly cut in Avid using imported media.  Apparently you have and I guess others.  I wish I knew your voodoo, but these instructions above don't work FOR ME.

    Again, thanks Alayne and apologies for sounding unappreciative of davidh's original post.

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    Dan Meadows

  • Sat, Mar 23 2019 11:00 PM In reply to

    Re: AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround

    Hi Daniel, as a MC user for decades as well I understand the frustrations with the AMA /Link workflow and have not used it since the shortly after it's first release even though I believe it has gotten better. I enjoy editing in MC so developed a Link workaround (voodoo) that works for me. 

    It is basically the workflow above but starting with a new Resolve Project and using Resolve's "Linking" to the original media. At the same time I use Resolve to make media backups with it's checksum copying option.

    Now this offers me the ability to use Resolve's non destructive Colour Management settings to bring different cameras footage all into a very similar Rec709 or other colour space.   Then of course I do have to transcode / deliver but each cards media "proxy" transcodes go straight into my Avid MediaFiles\MXF\(their own numbered) folder. Making proxies very easy to delete or archive when finished. 

    To online I export an AAF from MC without media to my Resolve project which relinks automatically to the original files. This time saving more than makes up for time lost in transcoding originally. I can then use as a starting point the original Colour management for the proxies or discard and start fro scratch to colour grade and delivery.

    Qualifier....   I almost always edit using an offline / online workflow. My timelines are predominantly cuts only but I can add transitions in the online as I have all the original media to work with in Resolves  media pool.

    This workflow suits my particular environment and like most workflows there is never one right solution for everyone.


  • Tue, Apr 7 2020 4:25 AM In reply to

    Re: AAF link to AMA media workflow/workaround


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