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  • Mon, Jan 29 2018 9:59 AM

    • nigelad
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    AJA T-tap

    Hello to any AJA T-tap users out there!

    I am testing one out with an LG OLED55B6  TV. It seems to work ok and avoids the problems we had with a BM device [below].

    I get a green matrix screen whenever I launch MC [v8.6.1] which clears when the app is open. I also occasionally get a "incorrect format" warning from the TV on launching MC. A reboot fixes this. 

    Is anybody else seeing these issues?

    I'm trying the T-tap because we have problems with our BM mini-monitors feeding these 4K LG OLED tvs. After a couple of hours a white a line and/or white 'sparkling'  appears on the left of the tv. I swapped out mini-monitors and had the same problem - but they are fine with Toshiba 1080p tvs.



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  • Tue, Aug 6 2019 7:28 PM In reply to

    Re: AJA T-tap

    My T Tap works fine with MC 2019.  BUT, it still crashes on quit.  Remove T Tap and quit is normal

    Mac Pro (late 2013) 3.5 GHz 6-core E5 32 DDR3 OS 10.14.5 MC 2019.7 [view my complete system specs]
  • Tue, Aug 6 2019 7:34 PM In reply to

    • Marianna
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    Re: AJA T-tap


    My T Tap works fine with MC 2019.  BUT, it still crashes on quit.  Remove T Tap and quit is normal

    What driver version are you on?

    They have a new driver version 

    AJA Software Installer v15.2.2 - Mac


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  • Wed, Apr 15 2020 11:58 PM In reply to

    • rcooper
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    Re: AJA T-tap

    When playing media with the toggle hardware button activated, I only get audio from the monitor plugged into the AJA T-TAP. I cant get audio out of the sound card and into my mixing board. When I disable the hardware button, of course I lose the video feed to the TTAP monitor, but the audio returns via sound card.

    Is there a way to display video on the TTAP monitor and audio through my sound card?

    MAC pro OS 10.6.8, 5GB RAM, 2.66 quad core Xeon, MC vers. 5.5.3, nvidia Gforce GT120, LG DVI-D monitors, matrox mini [view my complete system specs]
  • Thu, Apr 16 2020 5:09 AM In reply to

    • hbrock
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    Re: AJA T-tap

    Nope.  Avid will always send audio to the i/o device if there is one connected.  You can feed the audio board with decoded audio from the monitor or using an external HDMI or SDI de-embeder.

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    Must think of something clever to go here...

  • Mon, Apr 20 2020 6:11 PM In reply to

    • Ryan Johnson
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    Re: AJA T-tap

    This is true, however I think it would be very helpful if Avid offered the ability to route audio separately from video.

    FYI, the NDI Open_IO plugin (previously included by default with MC) includes the ability to “Play local audio when broadcasting.” A similar feature for hardware Open IO (AJA, Blackmagic) would be useful in certain scenarios... Using headphones while sending video via HDMI to a TV for example. 

    Getting an analog audio output from existing hardware IO devices is a hassle- Neither the AJA T-TAP or Blackmagic MiniMonitor offer this. A de-embedder is ceratinly an option, but it's more devices, cables, power supplies to carry and manage.

    My two cents.



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