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  • Wed, Sep 13 2017 5:45 AM

    • dew
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    removing hiss

    Hey I have some audio where there is some hiss noise. I was wondering if there where any native effects in avid that would be good to help out on that or if its only with a 3rd party plugin I can do this with?

  • Wed, Sep 13 2017 6:05 AM In reply to

    Re: removing hiss

    Find the frequency of the hiss with a multiband EQ plug in.  Suggested method would be to maximize the gain on one of the bands with a very narrow "Q" (very tall thin curve.) move that band slowly through the frequency till you can locate the value where the hiss is loudest.  Then pull the bands gain value down into the negative to reduce the hiss. Widen the curve to find the sweet spot between hiss reduction and distorting your audio.    (I find accurately locating the hiss by making it louder much easier than trying to hear the hiss reducing.) 

    (EQ3 7-Band works well. Has a nice frequency graph, good Q values. Select Preview to hear results) 

  • Wed, Sep 13 2017 10:21 AM In reply to

    Re: removing hiss

    As Andrew says. The other approach is to use EQ to boost the frequencies you want to hear (and thereby improving the seperation)

    You can use nosie reduction but its difficult to get it to sound good (it can tend to pump in and out)

    Utlimatley it depends on how the hiss is made up. If its white nosier and represents a spread of random frequencies then you are fighting a losing battle.

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    • mtahir
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    Re: removing hiss

    I've done what Andrew has suggested before just to take a bit off the sibilance rather than remove hiss. But Pat is right in that it depends on what type of noise is it. I've dealt with white noise over that all important first 4KHz when dealing with dialogue using Audition - it's ok as long as you don't go overboard. It can take it down for you a but as Pat says it's a battle and a compromise at best.

    If you are going to use Audition (has various noise removing functions) then make sure you select the check box that allows you to listen to noise being removed (one function has that in Audition v3 - not sure how the later versions work).  This is where you will hear how much of your audio is being removed. Then it's a case picking a compromise that you're happy with.

    There is iZotope RX 6 but I only tried previous versions in demo mode. Might be worth a look.

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    • DStone
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    Re: removing hiss

    I use Sony (now Magix) Spectralayers for doing things like this. It's possble to get a surprisingly clean dialogue out of white noise. However, I am not going to recommend Spectralayers as it has a rather high learning curve. Izotope RX 6 is easier to use (and if I had to replace Spectralayers today, I'd go with Izotope). Note that even in their lowest end product, there is a tool for pulling dialogue out of noisy backgrounds like AC. I'm pretty sure they have a demo mode. It's pretty inexpensive and you may get better results than playing with the EQ, especially if the hiss is wide band.

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  • Thu, Sep 14 2017 6:53 AM In reply to

    • zonik
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    Re: removing hiss

    I recommend the third party plugin iZotope RX6 Standard. If you get from time to time noiseful audio it's the tool you want. There's a voice denoise plugin in the bundle able to auto adapt to the noise.

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    • Bruno M
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    Re: removing hiss

    I've played with Izotope RX5 (standalone) and I found it most effective when I used it's 'learn' mode, although there was a certain amount of 'pumping' with the settings the software defaults to. It then becomes a compromise as to how much to dial back the effect without re-introducing too much noise.

    I did once sit in with an audio guy who had around 10 seconds of clean atmos of a dialogue clip he was tring to improve. By analysing the spectrum of the clean clip, he was able to do a pretty good job of cleaning up the noise. I can't remember what plugin he was using, but I suspect this is the best way of removing any wide-band noise.

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  • Fri, Sep 15 2017 2:11 PM In reply to

    Re: removing hiss

    MC's own Audio EQ tool has a tape hiss filter that's always been sufficient for my needs.

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  • Mon, Sep 18 2017 5:47 AM In reply to

    • dew
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    Re: removing hiss

    thanks for the replies. Right now buying any plugins is out. I will look at some of the other options provided. Thanks again

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