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  • Mon, Sep 26 2016 8:07 PM

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    How to sync audio/video with external audio in Avid

    When it comes to sync, Avid still pushes the old good sound timecode methods. Which doesn't mean it's bad or good. It works well when it works, and it fails great when it fails. If a crew can handle the technicalities involved ( and higher costs) , extra equipment, and more expensive one, then it's all fine. But nowadays, lots of people are using DSLRs , and non-timecode external recorders ( such as low range Zoom, Tascam etc. ). Which bring us to the main point.. How can I handle synchronization in these cases? And these are much more common scenarios than using timecoded audio. Sometimes, the footage comes from totally different cameras, such as phones. When all this footage ends up in post, the nightmare begins. First, organizing all of it, trying to make sense of separate sound recordings, logging all of them. Searching for bits and pieces. Making errors. Losing time, losing money. And most importantly, you got one sad unhappy client waiting for your magic editing skills. And waiting. 

    Well, there is a way. Actually , Plural Eyes is on the market for quite some time.  But even that, just doesn;t feel right. Throwing clips on timeline.. getting back another timeline.. You may get synced footage, but you get one messy workspace.

    Entangle for Avid from Edit8, which is still in beta, may target few of these issues, has great flow with Avid ( at least the one I was testing on) , and is fully AAF oriented. SO you can do this anytime in the process. With one limitation, currently it only wors with linked to AMA files, and only on Mac. (download free beta )



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    Re: How to sync audio/video with external audio in Avid

    Please no soliciting.......


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