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  • Sat, Jan 30 2016 8:19 AM

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    Moving Audio/Video Clips Horizontally? New to Avid!

    I just recently started using Media Composer, and I'm having issues with moving audio or video clips horizontally in the timeline! In Premiere, I could just drag the clips anywhere I wanted them to go, and it wouldn't fight me. Avid, however, is making me make dramatic changes just to move a small amount. I've taken a short screen recording to show everyone what is going on. It's also strange because if I move a clip to the left, it goes just fine, it's only when I'm moving a clip to the right that it gives me problems.

    Maybe there is a setting messed up, or maybe there's a keyboard shortcut I don't know about?




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    Re: Moving Audio/Video Clips Horizontally? New to Avid!

    This is not an issue! Avid MC works this way from the years... please take a look at


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    Re: Moving Audio/Video Clips Horizontally? New to Avid!

    Hi Daniel. 

    Yes this is normal, and it'll just take some getting used to. As you know there are plenty of workflows out there servicing many different industries - meaning sitcom editors will need different things from the software than documentary editors, vs wedding video editors, vs commercial editors and so on. Avid is built to service them all, so naturally every single one of us looks at this-or-that feature and says "what the heck is THIS for?!?!"

    The good news is, most features you don't need to use are able to be shut off. Like this one you're dealing with for example. The reason for the odd behavior is the yellow arrow, not the red arrow. Also as a default, the timeline comes factory-shipped to have those arrows (called "Smart Tools") being active. Meaning the arrows change depending on what in the timeline you are hovering over.

    See the far left of the timeline where the Smart Tools are? (Red and yellow arrows, red and yellow trims.) Many editors who start out with Avid learn the system faster and happier if they shut many of the "automatic-ness" of these functions off. Here's how:

    In your main project bin, see the Settings tab at the top? Go to Settings / Timeline. Click the "Edit" tab within. About half-way down, checkmark both "Clicking the TC track..." and "Only One Segment....". Also just below that, click "Segment Overwrite".

    You can research on your own what these do, but for now, try to operate solely with the red arrow tool. This moves clips around the timeline the way you're looking for. Once you read-up on the yellow arrow, you'll learn to use it and love it as well, but do this first.

    Hope this helps.

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