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  • Mon, Feb 23 2015 11:34 AM

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    Workflow MC7: Arri Alexa Plus 33fps and Sony F55 XAVC4K in 1080p25 project

    Hey everyone,

    I'm running into a few issue regarding a postproduction workflow using Avid MC7, more particularly with Arri Alexa Plus 33fps footage and Sony F55 XAVC4K footage.

    We are working on a TV series shot mostly via Arri Alexa Plus in 1080p25 DNxHD444. We are then using AMA link to load the footage, we apply the appropriate LUT, transcode to DNxHD36 keeping the color transformation, sync and export for dailies. The TV series will then be edited in DNxHD36 and conformed to the original media once finished.

    The first issue that I ran into is that the DOP decided to shoot some footage at 33fps with the Alexa. If I AMA link these, their frame rate get adapted to my 25fps project and my clips are now playing like all the other 25fps clip: at real speed. What I would like to have is a slow motion clip playing at 25fps but using all the 33frames (hence 32% longer). What would be the ideal workflow? When confronted with these kinds of slow motion problems with 50fps footage in a 25 fps project, I just create a new project matching the slow motion frame rate, AMA link and transcode my footage, then get back to my normal project and open the newly created bin. However, Avid doesn't have a 33fps kind of project so what is the appropriate workflow? They are also planning to shoot at 75fps and 100fps so I really need to find a solution...

    SONY F55 XAVC4K:
    My second issue is that they also decided to use a Sony F55 as a B camera for landscapes. They shot in XAVC 4K, hoping they could re-frame their shots later. What is the best way to ingest these footage in Avid MC7? I downloaded the Sony PDZK-MA2 AMA plugin so I can AMA link these footage, however that process downscales the footage from 4K to 1080, which means they won't be able to re-frame their shots. What would be the correct workflow to keep the full definition and be able to re-frame later?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Re: Workflow MC7: Arri Alexa Plus 33fps and Sony F55 XAVC4K in 1080p25 project

    You may not want to use AMA for this process.

    On the show I work on, we use Davinci Resolve for the color correction of dailies and the transcode to DNx36.  Then we edit in Avid.  You can then reconform in Resolve for the final color correct.  This process will make it so that any Arri footage shot offspeed will playback at your project frame rate, resulting in slow motion.


    As to the 4K footage.  If you AMA link in Avid and then transcode, yes, it will be 1080 in your timeline in your DNx36 media.  However, when you bring your project bck to full res in Avid and the footage is linked back to the original 4k XAVC, you will be able to use frameflex to resize your footage without loss in resolution.  The same applies if you use Davinci resolve as your finishing tool.

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    Re: Workflow MC7: Arri Alexa Plus 33fps and Sony F55 XAVC4K in 1080p25 project

    You can change the motion adapter that is applied to the 33 fps footage to 100% so that it will play frame-for-frame.  (I'm guessing the motion adapter is currently reporting 125%.)  Works great for a few clips...not ideal if you have a ton of them.

    Also, as gumbaedit said, Resolve will use any resize effect that you have in an AAF and apply it properly to the camera originals so you don't have to worry about FrameFlex if you go that route.

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    -- Kevin

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