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  • Tue, Sep 30 2014 6:53 PM

    SGT TMAutoAPI Interplay Transfer 3.0 standalone

    Hi all,

    Our company is a broadcasting facillity currently using Avid Interplay 2.5 in conjunction with SGT playout automation software, using an old implementation of TMAutoAPI (VC7) for the communication (archive transfers) with an old Transfer Manager still running v2.2.14 (a combination that works).

    Looking into upgrading to Interplay 3.0.5+ we were asked by Avid to test Interplay Transfer 3.0.5 with a new 64bit (IP 3.0) build of TMAutoAPI on an also new 64bit SGT Loader machine (Win7 x64).

    We are trying to set up a test configuration between a standalone Interplay Transfer 3.0.5 server and the 64bit (IP 3.0) TMAutoAPI toolkit as compiled an supplied to us by SGT.

    We need to test if the current 64bit TMAutoAPI implementation on the SGT Loader system can successfully initiate transfers to Interplay Transfer 3.0.5.


    We got this far - Running inside the console of TMAutoAPITest.exe:

    getfromingest tm ISIMXF 500130P1

    Where tm=<user>, ISIMXF=<srcHost>, 500130P1=<srcClip>


    ProcessGetFromIngest: ERR: status: -394
    ProcessGetFromIngest: ERR: (IngestError) Internal Error


    getinglist returns the device list of the TM properly, but crashes TMAutoAPITest.exe?


    The questions I have:

    - What does this error mean? Does this status direct in a clear direction for a solution?

    - Is there any useful documentation on how to configure and use these TMAuto tools?

    - TMClient.ini purpose is clear, but what exactly is TM.ini for?

    - What are the exact settings for Interplay Transfer to accept transfers to the local drive (standalone TM)?

    - Should Interplay Framework be installed on the TM or not, should the TM join a workgroup or run completely local?


    Any help is much appreciated,

    Daan Warmenhoven

    SBS Broadcasting






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    Re: SGT TMAutoAPI Interplay Transfer 3.0 standalone


    the documention is included as part of the TMAuto SDK. Please open or have your integrator open a case with Avid's customer support organization, refer to the forum and let us know if you have access to the SDK. Is your solution using a custom DHM or is it based on the Avid FTP DHM? The location of some of the configuration files may have changed between the current SDK release and the version you are using, and the error may indicate that the mapping files that tell TMAuto which setup DLL to use are not set up correctly. Please contact us off the forum.

  • Wed, Oct 1 2014 9:41 PM In reply to

    Re: SGT TMAutoAPI Interplay Transfer 3.0 standalone

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your answer. I actually did find the SDK documentation earlier on, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to state anything on how to configure and use the TMAuto test tools.

    Before I started this thread I opened a case on the Avid CS portal. My questions couldn't be answered there straight away and I was directed to this developer forum instead.

    No custom DHM, the FTP server is generic FTP, so the FTP Configuration on the TM is configured as GENERIC_FTP_PROFILE.

    Indeed something could be misconfigured on the new Loader. I will send you a PM to continue on this.




  • Thu, Oct 9 2014 3:37 PM In reply to

    Re: SGT TMAutoAPI Interplay Transfer 3.0 standalone

    Ended up talking to the local Avid office about our difficulties preforming the test with TMAuto.

    They are offering their help with this by supplying a temp Interplay 3.0 in-a-box system including an Avid engineer on-site, who will coordinate the test with SGT. We are happy with this offer.

    Thank you for your time and suggestions.



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