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  • Fri, Sep 26 2014 11:44 AM

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    Match frame / Find bin issue

    Dear community.

    we're experiencing a problem match framing to clips in our scene bins and wondered if anyone could shed any light?... 

    We are currently rebuilding our Avid project. We brought in all our rushes into 'DAY' bins. These are bins of everything shot per day - to messy to work from! We then neatly sorted all the clips into 'SCENE' bins for our Editor to use. We brought in our sequence from an AAF.

    We're in the process of relinking our offline sequence to the clips in the scene bins (using 'relink to selected items in all open bins' option) to ensure that when our editor needs to match back, she will be taken to the organised SCENE bin and not the messy DAY bin. 

    This seems to work for the most part, but quite a lot of the clips always match back to the DAY bin. Even if we try relinking to the SCENE bin again (the DAY bin remaining closed). It will see the clip in the SCENE bin if we 'find bin' with that scene open. But once all bins are closed, some of the clips always go back to their DAY bin...

    Each clip was handled in exactly the same way > Brought in first to the DAY bin then alt+dragged into it's SCENE bin. We have 2 Avids across Unity, and it seems to have made no difference which machine we created the scene bins on. It's sporadic which clips are matching to their DAY rather than their SCENE bin.

    I've just tried overwriting one problem clip in the sequence with the same clip from it's SCENE bin. It successfully matched back to the scene bin - but this is a very time consuming workaround and we have a lot to get through.

    Is there a way to always ensure which bin a clip will match back to? Any help much appreciated.

    Working on Media Composer version 7.0.3.

  • Fri, Sep 26 2014 1:35 PM In reply to

    Re: Match frame / Find bin issue

    What happens if you delete the day bin and then do find bin? do you get the bin not found message?

    As a test could you try duplicating the clips in the bin (to get a .copy version) and then drag those to a new bin and relink the sequence to those.

    Alt drag clips makes a clone of the clip so a relationship is maintained between both copies (clones). using duplicate you create a standalone version still linked to the media.

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  • Thu, Jun 13 2024 7:19 PM In reply to

    Re: Match frame / Find bin issue

    Resurrecting this thread- All our dailies start life in a DAY bin, and I edit from the sorted SCENE bins. But half the time, Find Bin opens the DAY bin. And I have never opened the DAY bin on my machine- my assistant does it on his.  The twist is we're on a shared project in the cloud- Mimiq for bin locking, media on Lucidlink (great setup, unless it's the cause of this issue).

    Also, half the time (not always the same time) the bin view is not saved and it's not either of our views- just looks like gobbledegook -spelling? :)

    Thoughts appreciated.

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  • Fri, Jun 14 2024 10:59 AM In reply to

    Re: Match frame / Find bin issue

    This is an annoying problem, so what I instruct AE's to do is not copy the synced clips to the scene bins, but to move them, so that the Day bin ends up empty! They get nervous about this, and secretly make a back-up, but it seems to stop matching back to the day bin.
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    Re: Match frame / Find bin issue

    I wonder would happen if you trashed the Day bin into Avid's Trash?

    You can always re-instate this bin if/when required, but it might solve the match frame issue.

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  • Fri, Jun 14 2024 12:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Match frame / Find bin issue

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