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  • Fri, Jul 18 2014 9:08 PM

    • othila
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    MC 8 slow sluggish performance

    As the title says the performance of MC8 for me is usable as my go to preferred NLE, I'm even back on FCP7 which I'm finding a joy to work with and is faster that MC8. You know MC 5.5 was perfect for speed, what happened with MC8?  

    So, why is this so and how can this be fixed.  I'm all for new software that improves on its previous versions but I feel that MC8 has taken a step backwards in its editing performance and what I'm mean by this is, its slow, very slow… you expand the time line and it takes unto to 3 second to respond, moving a clip can take up to 20 seconds, AMA is a bottle neck and the list goes on for me and this is both on my desktop and MBP.



    Is there an update for MC8 soon to fix this slow performance?

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  • Mon, Jul 21 2014 8:30 PM In reply to

    Re: MC 8 slow sluggish performance

    You know MC 5.5 was perfect for speed, what happened with MC8?  

    I'm still on MC7, but in my experience the increase in performance after going to 64-bit (MC 6 and then MC7) was not dramatic--even though I upgraded to a much more powerful computer when I made the jump to MC6.   There was some perfomance increase but nowhere near tapping the capability of my current system.   I've read that Avid did not write entirely new code for 64 bit machines but adapted--imperfectly--the old 32 bit code.   If and when they finally write new code to fully exploit the current workstations on the market, I'm hoping MC will fly.

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    Re: MC 8 slow sluggish performance


     You know MC 5.5 was perfect for speed, what happened with MC8?  


    Is there an update for MC8 soon to fix this slow performance?

    Hi Othila, you´ve written some threads about your problems now, tried to help you in one of them, also wrote this below in one of them

    " The 64 bits versions are more demanding so it might be either your sys or your storage that causes this if you get these lines also with the Matrox disconnected. "

    Below is a link to a pinned thread with the systems demands for different Avid versions, might give you some clues if you need to update your hardware at the same time you are updating your software, the reason to why both MC 5.5 and FCP works well on your hardware might be that they are as old as your hardware.

    Also please add your system specs to your profile, will save us the time to ask you about your specs in each new thread you are opening up.


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