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  • Wed, Jun 18 2014 9:03 PM In reply to

    • TVJohn
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    Re: Douglas

    We go back to the Liquid forum days, our associate Douglas is always able to trim the chaffe and provide the most straightforward instructions, how to's, and when the need arose, an efficient workaround for getting things done.

    I for one, shall follow his new endevours closely and look ahead to more pearls of wisdom.

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  • Wed, Jun 18 2014 9:06 PM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    Good luck Douglas, this is a wish from a newest Moderator. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience in this community.


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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 12:43 AM In reply to

    • sam the sham
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    Re: Douglas

    Douglas won't be gone he just won't be a Mod. Remember, even before he was a Mod. he was just as helpful, maybe more :)

    He will still be doing training for MC, Avid FX/Boris Red, TAW5, etc. etc. :)

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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 12:53 AM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    I just want to say that Douglas' contributions are well above and beyond the duties of a moderator, especially considering it is a volunteer position.

    You will be missed good sir.



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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 4:15 AM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    AMEN to THAT!!!

    "When I spent 60k on a discreet edit digisuite system 10 years ago someone came up to me to offer fcp 2, I said it was a scam too." -Ric

  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 7:06 AM In reply to

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    Re: Douglas

    Pat Horridge:

    There are many reasons people offer to become moderators and with that come some advantages... ...But with that comes disadvantages. We can't speak on these forums as freely and other members... ...for long term forum members who are also moderators it can become frustrating aaround blurred bounderies.

    I have no idea what factors contributed to Douglas's descision but that's a matter for him and him alone. We don't own him.

    It would also be completely unfair and improper to "think" you know the reasons why and attach meaning to it.

    And I guess I'd add this isn't a publicly owned site. it's Avids site and they choose to manage it how they see best. It's not ideal and it's not always seen from the outside as the best approach but it's far far better then manmy others.

    The above is of course just my views and not those as a "moderator" here. But suffice to say in many other forums I'd be given a slap on the wrist for a post like this, where as here it's much more tolerant. Within limits :-)

    My best wishes to Douglas of course and my admiration for all his contributions over the many years. For whatever reasons he's not here I hope he's busy and happy.

    What Pat said. Not being a moderator I can freely speak over the forums, within boundaries, and through the years I've been able to get off my chest everything I wanted to, this is why I'm still with Avid perhaps, even if there are many many things I never liked about the company's policies in the past, and unexpectedly more than ever before in recent times too, maybe Douglas kept for Himself a lot of unsaid, up to the point that He over reacted, but if a pope can quit the god of the tutorials can resign as a moderator as well. I won't miss Douglas as I will keep in touch with Him, I'm not interested in the colleague, nor in the hammer He is using, I'll keep in touch with the man, a very nice chap, it's been a pleasure to know Him and I do not see why we couldn't or shouldn't keep being penpals. Avid is going to miss a moderate moderator, I think of the "aurea mediocritas", in other words being balanced and sage, and the forums will miss a great contributor.

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    peace luca

  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 7:54 AM In reply to

    • BenoitM
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    Re: Douglas

    Thanks Douglas,

    Being one of these low-profile, non-profit hobbyist editors that were "pulled up" by subtle marketing techniques from Pinnacle/Premiere 1.x to Liquid to MC, I must confess that the latter transition would never have been completed successfully without your tutorials and forum assistance. Not sure yet what to do with the new MC 8 subscription model (looks like I'm in the category that will benefit the least from the changes), so I'll keep reading your email newsletters very carefully Yes

    Thanks again

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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 8:42 AM In reply to

    • Mike Shaw
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    Re: Douglas

    Like BenoitM I was 'lured' (happily I might add) into moving from the death thoes of Liquid to MC (4.5), the alternative being ... Edius.  MC would have been a nightmare without the patient, polite and fast help of everyone on these forums and Douglas's highly focused tutorials.  I'm now/still with MC6 - moving up to a later version isn't an option for me (also as a non-profit hobbyist), although there are features in the later versions that I would like and use.  Thanks to the abilities of MC, I have been able to craft movies that have won numerous awards on the 'amateur' circuit ( in the UK and Europe ), so I won't be switching horses, although a simple, basic editor would often do the job I want perfectly well.

    As I said, Douglas has been a great help in getting me up and running in the ways of MC, so Douglas - thank you! Good luck - and I'm sure you'll do well with your new 'hammer'! 

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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 10:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Douglas


    I've never spoken to Douglas, but I sure watched a lot of his tutorials while learning Avid.  Thanks for all your hard work, it was much appreciated and played a strong role in my decision to dive headfirst into Media Composer.  

    It's sad but not that surprising that he was let down by MC8 and has decided to try another hammer.  

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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 11:58 AM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    I'll miss Douglas on these forums too.  Like others, I've benefited greatly from his tutorials, especially during my transition from Liquid.  That being said, I'm very pleased with my current Avid system, and would need some very compelling reasons to switch. All the tools need to work well together. None of my tools are the latest and greatest. But they work well together.

    MC is more than a hammer for me.  It's part of an integrated (and affordable) system of acquistion and production that took quite an investment of time and effort to piece together. It would be a lot easier for me to screw it up than to make it better by switching the NLE.

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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 7:21 PM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    Douglas thanks for your invaluable contributions to the forums over the years and I am looking forward to your continuing presence and support for these forums.  Good luck with every path (hammer) you choose to follow. Andrew

  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 9:38 PM In reply to

    • Marianna
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    Re: Douglas

    Thank you, Marianna, for that really nice send-off

    Thank you all you others for those surprising comments.
    I had no idea how much my tutorials were/are liked.

    There must be a lot of mere mortals around just like me  Geeked

    The past years with these Forums has been a most enjoyable experience for me.

    I am not leaving you completely, though I will be focussing on other editing solutions.

    Once again Thank you all for everything that you have given me here on the Avid Video Community Forums

    Yes Yes Yes Yes



    (Exit stage right)

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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 9:44 PM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    Crowd stands and applauds.

    Shouts for an encore.


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  • Thu, Jun 19 2014 11:11 PM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    Job ter Burg:
    Crowd stands and applauds.


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    Jeroen van Eekeres 

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    Always have a backup of your projects....Always!!!! Yes Always!!!!

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  • Fri, Jun 20 2014 2:01 AM In reply to

    Re: Douglas

    Jeroen van Eekeres:

    Job ter Burg:
    Crowd stands and applauds.



    "When I spent 60k on a discreet edit digisuite system 10 years ago someone came up to me to offer fcp 2, I said it was a scam too." -Ric

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