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  • Tue, Jan 14 2014 11:14 PM

    • Renn
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    Recommendation on Video Card Upgrade for MC 6.5.3

    Hey All,


    Just wondering if anyone could refer to me a video card upgrade for my system


    I have  a Mac Pro 12-Core, 2.66, 32 GIG's of Ram, with the standard ATI Radeon HD 5770 card running 6.5.3. 

    I'm working on a project that has 9 multicam's and it's just stepping when I try to play all camera's. I'm using the ATI for 3 montiors.

    Bins in 1 monitor

    Source/Composer and timeline in the middle monitor and the 3rd monitor is full screen playback. I've toggled the full, half on low resolution for playback and that doesn't seem to help. 

    If I have it with 4 camera's rolling it plays no problem, once I hit the quad split to display all 9 it just starts chugging with picture freezing. the 1 gig of Ram on the card just isn't enough. I ran into this problem with my editors system (PC system) and as soon as the video card was upgraded from 1 gig to a 2 gig card smooth sailing.


    Going by Avid's specs it seems to be the one that that they support but wondering if there is anything out there.


    I've read a few posts in regards to the blackmajic cards but mainly its not good reviews.  

    Any suggestions would be greatly apprecitated. 



  • Wed, Jan 15 2014 1:53 AM In reply to

    • Arnaud D
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    Re: Recommendation on Video Card Upgrade for MC 6.5.3

    I can't realy recommend any graphic card, but are you sure the issue isn't related to hard drive speed and media compression ?

    Depending on the compression used, 9 video streams can be quite a lot of bandwith and the bottleneck could easily be your drives.

    What hard drive configuration do you use and what kind of media are you working on ?

    Best regards,

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  • Wed, Jan 15 2014 3:16 AM In reply to

    • Renn
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    Re: Recommendation on Video Card Upgrade for MC 6.5.3

    Hey there,


    I have a 8 Terrabyte RAID 5 via eSata (no where near full) DNX145 media. I've also tried the USB 3 using 4X WD Black 2 TB 7200 RPM drives inside. I  have about 3 Terrabytes being used. Clips range from 30-45 mins. 


  • Wed, Jan 15 2014 4:01 AM In reply to

    • editor14
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    Re: Recommendation on Video Card Upgrade for MC 6.5.3

    I would be highly surprised if this is the video card.

    I also would point to the bandwith through the e-Sata connection. 9 x DNxHD145 will cause drop frames on most e-sata setups, your RAID might be quick but unless your e-Sata card has to be also. Mini-SAS would be a better way to go.

  • Sat, Jan 18 2014 8:29 AM In reply to

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    Re: Recommendation on Video Card Upgrade for MC 6.5.3

    I'd suggest running the Blackmagic speed test on your RAID-5 setup to see what througput you're getting.  If it's not above 200 MB/s you're likely to get stuttering when playing that many streams of DNX145.  

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  • Sat, Jan 18 2014 11:36 AM In reply to

    Re: Recommendation on Video Card Upgrade for MC 6.5.3

    RAID 5's not great for speed RAID 0 is better or RAID 10 to be safer.

    So as others have said I'd speed test the drives.

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