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  • Mon, Mar 23 2015 10:10 PM In reply to

    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2

    First off let me apologize for my lack of knowledge and confusing the command prompt with the Console inside of Media Composer. Inside of Media Composer I accessed the Console from the Tools Menu and when I type: manageama off and press enter nothing happens. Am I missing something here? Thank You!


    - jared

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    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2


    that should work as the directions to turn off are 

    To disable AMA Managed Media via a console command which will revert the system to v6.5/10.5 and earlier functionality.

    Note that any newly-liked AMA clips will not show up in the Media Tool.

    To use the command:

    1.  open the Console from the Tools menu.

    2. type manageama off

    3.  and press enter.

    4. to re-enable AMA Managed Media, type manageama on

    5. and press enter.

    If it still doesnt take - can you upgrade to 


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  • Wed, Mar 25 2015 12:30 AM In reply to

    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2

    Thanks Marianna!

    I appreciate you getting back to me! I did get it to work late last night. I'm not sure why it wasn't working when I pressed enter but I was able to turn off AMA Management in version 8.3.1.

    - jared

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    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2


    I've successfully disabled the AMA Management and have xx'd out the old AMA Management folder, following Avid's Knowledgebase article.  However after a while the folder is re-created and the AMA Management seems to be back on!


    Is there a way to permanently disable this?  Where does this setting exist?  Is it a project setting, user setting or application setting?  Does trashing the MCSTATE also revert the setting?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated as currently I'm having to do this as monthly maintainace across a lot of machines.





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  • Wed, Jul 22 2015 5:48 AM In reply to

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    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2

    On what version are you facing the issue? Still on 7.0.2? Just a shot in the blue but trashing MC State might reset the console command. I would prefer to have a setting that I can check to a console command. Would make troubleshooting easier if you have to support a lot of machines like you do.

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    • Aleksandra
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    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to thank you all for all the information you provided. I had a similar problem on a 7.0.3 release and this thread helped a lot. I will describe my situation, maybe someone will find this useful.

    An editor linked a bunch of media via AMA linking. All that media was located on a network drive, it was source from 2 cameras and it was heavy. Anyway, he must have decided that was a perfect idea. He worked all day with Avid crashing every couple of minutes. He didn't even bother to report it to anyone. So after he had finished I opened Avid and found out that it crashes constantly. I found the problem - which were the AMA links he put in his project. He didn't even use any of the clips, as he had all the materials converted to MXFs (as the usual workflow suggests). So I deleted the AMA master clips from his project, but that didn't help at all. Additionally, as I found out later, the computer was going crazy hot. So, I tried the MANAGEAMA_OFF command in console. After I entered it I restarted the computer. Averything went back to working fine, so I assume that after using MANAGEAMA_OFF command, Avid did something close to a reset of some AMA cache. Then I enabled AMA again by using MANAGEAMA_ON. It works well up till now.

    Maybe this will help someone, maybe you had similar issues and can explain this a bit better than I did.

    All the best,


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  • Fri, Dec 11 2015 6:12 PM In reply to

    Re: AMA Managed Media in MC 7.0.2

    Hi guys

    What an insigtfull thread, thank you!.

    So just to be certain, if i disable AMA Managed Media i am really not losing anything if i already manually AMA link everything and then transcode/consolidate my stuff?

    Or in other words, what exactly am i missing by disabling AMA Managed Media :)

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