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    Interplay Production Web Service FAQ

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    Interplay Production Web Services Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:  What is Interplay Production?

    A:  Interplay Production is an asset management system that coordinates, accelerates, and extends collaborative, real-time media production.

    Q:  What is Interplay Produciton Web Services?

    A:  Interplay Web Services is a server-based integration platform for Avid Interplay using SOAP web service calls.

    Q:  What type of machine can Produciton Web Servicesrun on?

    A:  It can be run on a modern Windows machine (~2GHz, 2 GB RAM) in the same network as the Interplay Engine.

    Q:  Can Interplay Produciton Web Services run on the same machine ias the Interplay Engine?

    A:  For testing and development, IPP WS can run on the Interplay Engine itself, but this is strongly discouraged for production environments. Interplay Production Web Services should be deployed on a seperate physical machine.

    Q:  What is the current version of IPP WS?

    A:  The most recent version is 3.0.0

    Q:  What versions of Interplay Production are compatible with IPP ES 2.6.1?

    A:  IPP WS 3.0.0 is compatible with Interplay Produciton 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and 3.0.

    Q: What are the parameters for starting a Media Services job e.g. LongGOP export?

    A:The easiest way to figure out the required list of parameters is to look up details for the existing instance of a job that had been submitted manually using Media Services and Transfer Status application.

    here is the list of parameters for the STPEncode (longGOP export) as of PAM 3.2

    The full list of parameters can be obtained through the GetProfiles WS request. You'll need to create at least one empty profile for the Media Services Provider you're interested in.

    Please note that required parameters are not highlighted in the WS output response.

    Q: How do I set custom or existing metadata values using AMT

    A: in April 2014 the <UserComments> node to the XML was added. 

    <xs:element name="UserComments" type="TaggedValueArrayType" minOccurs="0"/>

    The TaggedValueArrayType is defined in the XSD as follows:

     <xs:complexType name="TaggedValueArrayType">

                                    <xs:choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded">

                                                    <xs:element name="TaggedValue" type="TaggedValueType"/>



     This change is documented; please see the AMT change log:

     Extended support for reading back UserComments that were inserted into files.

    o The support for writing UserComments has been re-factored, in order to make it consistent with the symbols it represents. It also enables the creation of name and value pairs without any type of restriction in the comment name. The Media Composer and Interplay restrictions on property names and values apply.

    o Please have a look in the XML Schema in order to understand how this field is used.


    As more Q/A pairs are indentified, they will be added to this announcement.  


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