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  • Wed, Jun 13 2012 12:20 PM

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    Importing P2 Files/Not consolidating

    I have a couple of questions regarding P2 files, where I should copy the originals to, and how best import them into bins.


    Firstly, i have started a new project called DVCProTest which created a folder in "Shared Avid Projects". When I copied the P2 files (the "Contents" folder and LASTCLIP.TXT") into this folder, I open the project in Avid and I see that the "Contents" folder is automatically seen in the main Bin but I keep getting a box appear saying "This volume has not yet been mounted by the application.You can either mount all volumes or start another project".

    I do not understand this, and every time I click OK, the dialog box continues to open.

    The reason I wanted to put the P2 files in the DVCProTest folder, with all the Avid files is to keep the entire project in one place but this message that keeps appearing and seeing the contents folder already in the bin has confused me.


    Previously, I have copied P2 mxf files onto my hard drive and in Avid gone to File>Import P2>Clips to Bin.

    This brings the files in but I have then been told to then go to File>Import P2>Media. This Consolidates the files by duplicating every one and saving the copies in another Avid folder meaning my computer is now short of space!!

    My questions are:

    1) Where is it best to copy the P2 files to where the structure can be seen easily by myself so when I need to move projects off and store on an external drive, they can be done so easily? I presumed in the project folder that Avid created but the "This volume has not yet been mounted...." confuses me.


    2) Do I really have to consolidaye all the files? It takes a long time and fills up the computer. If I import to the bin, the files do go offline if I close the application but I can relink to them. Is this the best way to go??



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