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Interplay Window Tips

Only published comments... Jan 11 2011, 07:16 PM by The Road Warrior
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The Interplay Window is a great tool to access content easily and efficiently in an Interplay environment. Many of you may use it in your daily edits to check-in and check-out items from your database, but do you actually personalize it like you do your keyboard or timeline? If not you should. As you will see below, the Interplay Window has many options you probably aren’t aware of.

First, what exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for a sequence? Maybe you’re looking for a recently digitized master clip? When you open specific folders in the Interplay Window you may see a lot of clutter that you aren’t used to in a normal editor bin. This can be easily fixed by changing the filter display. Right-click on the “Type” column and select, “Set Type Filter…”


A box will open allowing you to choose what Avid assets you wish to see and which ones you don’t. For instance, you may not want to see all the render files. Or, if an editor checked-in a bin with just a sequence in it, you would see all the master clips, subclips and renders associated in that timeline. To combat this, turn off “Show reference clips”. Customizing this display will make looking through the different folders much more manageable.


After you’ve configured you layout, be sure to save it. You can save as many layouts as you wish. The Interplay Window layout is different from the layout you save for your bins and timeline in the editor. Editor layouts are saved on the local drive of the editing workstation. The Interplay Window layout is tied to your Interplay login and stored in the Interplay database. As long as you log in as the same user on a different machine, the Interplay Window display will retain your custom settings.


The Interplay Window also offers great search capabilities throughout the entire database. Once you find your results you may be curious to know what project or bin is associated with an item you found in your search. It is very easy to find this out by selecting the clip, right-click and, “Open Enclosing Folder…”


This will open a window showing you every location you will find a copy of that clip. Use this to snap to the chosen location and review other items that may be found in the project.


Have you ever look at the headframe in the Interplay Window and wish you could change it to something else? Well, you can. Just drag a clip into your local editor bin. Change your view to the Frame tab. Play the clip in your bin and to find the frame of video you want to use.


Then, right click on the clip and select “Check in to Interplay”. Now when you refresh your view in the Interplay Window the headframe will be updated.


So go ahead, try it out!

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