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Pre MC 3.5* How To transfer media using Sony XDCAM EX Clip Browser version 2.0 software

This should only be used for Media Composer 3.0 / NewsCutter 7.0 and earlier. Please see:

I’m Bob Russo with Avid Technology. In this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate how to transfer media using version 2 of the Sony® XDCAM® EX clip browser software with the Avid® Media Composer®.

Download high quality QuickTime for offline viewing (27MB)


Along with Mac – Intel support, version 2 of the Sony XDCAM EX Clip Browser software now enables the MP4 files to be directly rewrapped to Avid Media Files.  The first step is to select the destination for the MXF files. Since these are Avid Media Files the exact folder must be selected: Avid MediaFiles – MXF and the appropriate numbered folder. 

Now select the SxS card or folder where the EX media is stored; choose the clips to use in the Media Composer and select File, Export, Avid AAF.

Select a location for the AAF file and click execute. AAF files are created with the clip metadata and the clips are rewrapped as OPAtom MXF files.

Now in the Media Composer, select File, Import. Navigate to the folder where the AAF files are and select them. The clips along with sequences are imported into the bin linked to the media ready for an edit. The sequences can be deleted.

And that’s how you use media from an XDCAM EX camera with the Avid Media Composer.


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