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Avid at the 2011 NAB Show: UNLV Student News Crew- On the Beat and Talking Media Composer

UNLV Studio G anchor Abby Johnson, reporter Daniela Carrasco, and producer Kristin Dresser.


While the press always has taken a keen interest in Avid's announcements and presentations at NAB, this year Avid has been especially proud to host the news crew from the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies at UNLV, who have been covering the show for the university's daily news broadcast, Studio G.


Reporter Daniela Carrasco, producer Kristin Dresser and anchor/reporter Abby Johnson have been conducting interviews, covering events, and shooting footage for several days now and I got a chance to interview the team at the Avid booth. We talked about their experiences as journalism students at UNLV, how they use Media Composer to create their broadcasts, and how their education is preparing them to enter broadcasting at an incredible moment in it's history.

"I started as a communications major and quickly switched to journalism, began Abby. "I started taking the beginning journalism courses and it was all about writing and I started thinking "maybe this isn't for me." She laughed, and continued. "But once I started getting into the upper division courses and we started editing our own news stories and I loved it and I still do."

"I actually got into UNLV as a journalism major and started to pick up Media Composer my sophomore year," Daniela continued. " I experimented here and there, but my junior year i really started learning editing. Now I'm in my senior year and we're editing our own video and audio everyday."

"It's all about editing now," agreed Abby.

"They don't call it 'Avid 101' but it is," Kristin added.

When they began, they all agreed they were a little intimidated watching the more advanced students work on Media Composer. "I remember the first week," Daniela said, "watching other students work with it, using shortcuts and just typing here or there and then being done! At the beginning it would take me hours, but now, in a few minutes, I'm done!"

"I remember us all being frustrated when we first started. And now, because were using it and because we practice so much, it's become second nature to us," added Abby.

I asked them about their daily student newscast, Studio G, and I was impressed by the professional way they approached their broadcast. "It's a live show," began Abby. "We do live interviews, live weather, live anchoring, live sports. And then of course we have the packages we produce throughout the week that we drop in there."

"Im a reporter," continued Daniela, "and I have to turn in three stories per week, so I am using Media Composer everyday."

"As a producer, I stack the show. And I sometimes jump in and edit too, so we're all using Media Composer all the time."

"We have an outline of what we want to do here at NAB, but it keeps changing and growing." said Abby. "We have so much content already. Tonight we'll go back to the studio and edit, and tomorrow we'll edit together some more pieces, and I think we're going to get a lot out of this. We can put together a lot of content from what we've captured at the show, and we can put it together in no time."

When we started talking about the future, they expressed confidence in their ability to hit the job marketplace with a solid grasp of the tools they were going to need to master in order to realize their goals.

"I have a solid foundation enough that when I get a job and need to work on it, I will know it," said Abby.

"I think it's exciting," continued Kristin.

"It's a challenge, but it's so exciting," concluded Daniela.

"I think with this industry," Kristin said, "there is a lot of competition so you have to be competitive. Everything that we're learning, here, and at school, it all adds up. There are so many different directions you can go."

And getting to use professional solutions like Media Composer on a daily basis, they all agreed, was definitely giving them a solid foundation from which to work from. When I asked how adept they were at using the software, they all agreed that they were ready to take it to the next level. "We try things all the time. The more risks you take the more creative you get," said Abby.

We'd like to thank Abby, Kristen and Daniela for taking the time to talk with us on the show floor. It was simply inspiring to share their enthusiasm. More to come from NAB so stay tuned to Avid Buzz.

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