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Greg Price with VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 - On the "Crazy Train" Stop #4

Only published comments... Mar 26 2011, 12:00 AM by Greg Price
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"The Crazy Train pulls into the Time Machine Station"


Stop #4 finds the Crazy Train pulling into the "Time Machine" station. Brad Madix, FOH engineer for the Rush Tour "Time Machine", is in rehearsals working on the Avid VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 platform. Brad has great insight on the power of this new working synergy. This is a great opportunely for all of us to look into the rehearsal setting of a band and the incredible work that can be done in this environment. Brad is very articulate, and in the coming weeks will write very specifically on the workings of "VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9. Stay tuned for Brad and his blogs as we roll along. OK, let's fire up the "Crazy Train" video below and we will get rolling.



Band Rehearsals

I would like to emphasize the power of band rehearsals and building your mix. Brad will write in depth on this subject, however I want to take the opportunely now to emphasize how important band rehearsals are. Building mixes, working with the band, finding new plug-ins, working on the power of "VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9": all this great stuff can really be worked into your mix in the comfort of rehearsals.  Take the time, stay after class, and have fun with your mix.


South America

The Crazy Train has arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We drive down to your usual soccer field and find the sea container there with all our gear in it. The equipment has floated from Florida to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a sea freighter and we are about to unload. After setup I am ready to make some noise and get started with line check and virtual playback. My point here is that this FOH has traveled around the world on this tour. Hence the "Crazy Train", it is crazy what we have asked and done to the equipment. The FOH has traveled in trucks, boats, airplanes, and trains. Bumped along East Europe Highways, the streets of Detroit, on the deck of a ship from Florida to Buenos Aires, Argentina, rattled around on Russian air freight pallets, etc. Point is, I have had zero breakdowns with this Avid equipment. Show after show since February 2010, this console and Pro Tools system have played along with the Crazy Train. Doing what ever I asked it to do day in and day out. I have updated software during this tour with no problems. It is very comforting to know that I can rely on my FOH equipment and it's performance.  NO PROBLAMO, SI.


Jet Lag and Brad Madix

With the "Crazy Train" stopping for a visit at the "Time Machine", I am going to try to cure the case of jet lag I have acquired. While I take a rest, Brad is going to start his blog from the "Time Machine". I am looking forward to Brad's experiences with VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 while we starts his rehearsals with Rush. Please send in your questions and dialog. We look forward to your comments. Thank you traveling with us.



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I started engineering in San Francisco in the mid 70's. My brother's band Pablo Cruise and the Record Plant where my first patients. I am currently enjoying my 16th year with Ozzy Osbourne and his World Tour.

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