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Greg Price with VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 - On the "Crazy Train" Stop #2

Only published comments... Feb 11 2011, 11:16 AM by Greg Price
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Greg Price here on the "Crazy Train" with Ozzy Osbourne.  We are currently on a World Tour that started last April of 2010.  This is stop #2 of my progress with the exciting changes I am finding in the new VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 synergies.


A Little background: I am using the VENUE "D" Show console, 2 x stage racks, Tons of plug-ins, and Pro Tools HD3 on Mac Pro.  I have said before:


The evolution of this technology has forever changed what we do. For future engineers [VENUE] is essential.


This new breakthrough in workflow possibilities in 2.9/HD9 takes us further into the future.  I urge all engineers to pick up a copy of the "Live Recording Guide" for VENUE Systems and Pro Tools and "What's New in VENUE Software 2.9 for VENUE Systems". The thing here is not just manuals of new products but a great place to start thinking how you can change your workflow from day to day.  It is also a place to find new ideas for new projects.  I have already used the guides for the next generation Pro Tools system that I want to build.  So with that I would like to go into VENUE Link.




My first go at the link was a little difficult.  I am no genius when it comes to this computer stuff, however with the step by step guides and a little hand holding from my friends at Avid, I got it linked.  Once Linked, I have not thought about it again.  From the start the power of the link to Pro Tools has helped me do things I never could do before.  From the show last night, I marked all the songs on the Pro Tools session from my snapshots during the show.  Ozzy skips around his set list every night.  No problem.  I have snapshots for all of the possible songs he might play in a given show.  I skip down to that song snapshot and VENUE Link marks the new song on the session.  At the end of the show, it was very easy for me to make copies of the songs that the band requested to hear.  Every song from last night's performance was marked by the link.  I could then go into the session, copy the songs I want quickly.  For Virtual SoundCheck, I can find that favorite song from the last show to play the next day.  All the songs where marked automatically when I made snapshot changes during the show.  For Virtual SoundCheck, I select the snapshot recall and Pro Tools is ready for me to hit play.  It is that easy.


"Crazy Train" goes "Time Machine"


As I continue to find great workflow ideas for my application, next month Brad Madix will start up rehearsals with Rush and the "Time Machine" Tour.  Brad will share his workflow ideas and discoveries also.  Stay tuned as we travel together into the future.



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About Greg Price

I started engineering in San Francisco in the mid 70's. My brother's band Pablo Cruise and the Record Plant where my first patients. I am currently enjoying my 16th year with Ozzy Osbourne and his World Tour.

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