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  • MC 8.6.5 can't link to Sony XDCAM

    Hi, I'm in a field production with a new notebook (HP zBook 17G3) with MC 8.6.5 running. We get footage from a Sony PDW-800 camera as XDCAM HD (4:2:2, 50Mbit/s) on a Sony Professional Disc, MXF container. Disc reader is PDW-U2 on USB3. Now when inserting the disc, a new bin should populate with the...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by jankyy on Sat, Jul 29 2017
  • Re: Optimize Pro Tools: Set Default Plugins

    If there were any plug-ins in the Setup none under Default EQ and none Under Dynamics under none is none and under default selection is 1 EQ AIR KILL and none, protools choices in protools 10/11 bundled. one total choice. The program does nothing. ALL my pro tools FILES ARE NOT SONGS OR VIDEOS THEY WOUND...
    Posted to Avid Community Tips (Forum) by JimmyWestra on Sat, Dec 27 2014
  • Uninstall Avid DINR (Broadband Noise Reduction) plug-in

    Hello, This should be a really simple question, but it's been driving me crazy for hours and I can't find any info on it. I accidentally installed the Avid DINR (Broadband Noise Reduction) Plug-in, and I'm trying to figure out how to uninstall it. I thought it would be located in my plug...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by darkknightdetec on Sun, May 12 2013
  • Avid XDCAM consolidate error

    Ive been importing material from XDCAM disks week in and week out, but now suddenly the method I use wont work and it gives me the message; "exception: failed to get the sample temporal offset from the ama-plug-in" How my workflow is; I insert the XDCAM disk, it opens in Avid, I put all the...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by GGEnron on Tue, Feb 12 2013
  • Avid Codec (Mac) that will work in Avid DVD on my PC

    I'm using Avid Media Composer 5.5 on a Mac, and have just finished editing a short film. I'm ready to export it, and get it to a DVD, and up until now I was pretty sure that I was going to render out an .mov file from Avid using the Send to QT Movie codec, and then put the .mov file through my...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by Sibz on Mon, Nov 5 2012
  • C300 and AMA - No Linking?

    Hey all, Testing the workflow for a Canon EOS C300 before it goes out on a big shoot - cannot get it to link AMA Volume or Files. Just get an error message "Cannot Link Volume in Users/etc./etc." Running 10.7.2 and MC6. Here are the plug-ins I have installed... Avid MXF AMA plug-in ( download...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by jtpouliot on Tue, Jan 31 2012
  • failed to get the sample temporal offset from the ama plug-in

    Hey, Shooting with XD Cam, trying to transcode at XD 50 Mbit/sec, but when the disc loads up in Avid (AMA), i get those blue streaking bars, and then when I try to transcode it, I get this error: failed to get the sample temporal offset from the ama plug-in XD Cam Transfer: I can pull the proxies fine...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Allan Hughes on Thu, Jan 13 2011
  • Dekocast Engine Trigger plugin issue

    I noticed that Engine Trigger plugin works randomly on Dekocast v4.2.1. Talking about the same clip, the plugin sometimes detects the end of the clip and works well but sometimes it doesn't recognize the end of the same clip so it doesn't work. Has anybody seen these problem before? what could...
    Posted to Avid Motion Graphics (Forum) by m.cantaluppi on Thu, Nov 25 2010
  • Re: DekoCast and Website Headlines

    Hello Now the RSSextractor and iNews plug-in also are available with the DekoObjex option. But we cant find the install files on our downloaded 5.3.2 version. . . . any ideas where to look? Jasc
    Posted to Avid Motion Graphics (Forum) by JASC on Wed, Nov 3 2010
  • Deko and Sports

    I work for a public access station that owns 4 Deko systems. Our most recent purchase was a Deko 3000 for our main studio, but we also own 3 older systems for our production truck and remote sites. One area where we find ourselves limited is Sport Productions. We use a Deko Add-on called Sportsnet, but...
    Posted to Avid Motion Graphics (Forum) by rtc1085 on Wed, Mar 17 2010
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