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  • Export/Output Menu Item Missing

    All the online tutorials direct me to go to File>Export or File>Output to export a video. There is supposed to be a settings tab I can click on that will let me change the encoder settings. The only thing I have under File is "Publish To" and I'm unable to choose anything accept Quicktime...
    Posted to Media Composer | First Forum (Forum) by Brandalf on Wed, Jul 25 2018
  • Cannot get Pro Tools to Record

    Last December I purchased a home studio package that included a computer, a Scarlett recording interface, a couple studio microphones and Pro Tools software. Up to now I have just been using Garage Band to record because for the life of us we can't get Pro Tools to pick up a recording. Everything...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by mattimalminsk on Tue, Jul 24 2018
  • Re: Create square videos 1080x1080 for social media

    Works like a charm! :) It needs the latest version of ffmpeg. 3.4 was the most advanced in Mac Ports and was sufficient. This one-liner did the trick: ffmpeg -i -filter:v "crop=w=1080:h=1080:x=420:y=0" -c:a copy outputfile-1080x1080.mp4 For the input, I scaled my images...
    Posted to Media Composer | First Forum (Forum) by xzyxyzxyzxy on Tue, Nov 21 2017

    Hello, is it just me or anyone have the same problem and can not find the "list tool" menu in the output popup menu when right-clicking on a sequence... ? Can anyone answer, please? [:'(]
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by milopostproduction on Fri, Feb 26 2016
  • **HELP Digital Cut Device Output

    Hello Peeps- I am trying to output from Media Composer MacPro OS 10.8.5 to the HDCam HDW-1800. The output out of the Mac is Kona 3. In the Digital Cut window, Avid does recognize the deck for control but the device output only shows as IEEE 1394 DVCPro. The DVCPro isn't even on or connected...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by fgarcia on Mon, Nov 30 2015
  • What happened to DV25 420??

    Had occasion to hook up a Canopus transcoder to feed some PAL SD output to my old Sony CRT monitor in MC 8.4.2 (Mac). The 'Output to DV device' menu is missing the DV25 420 option I need for PAL - just DV25 411 and DV50. Output is pixellated and rubbish. Tested via my old Sony DSR-45P deck -...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Roger Shufflebottom on Thu, Nov 19 2015
  • HELP! Audio Outputs

    Hello all, I am coming from FCP7 and have a question relating to online conforms. In FCP7 after a show has been edited and it's time to output my audio I go to the audio settings and change from stereo to dual mono. This alows for two seperate output options (1&2). I then put production audio...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by swnp on Tue, Mar 3 2015
  • outputting issues

    HI, I managed to cut a 26 minute long film via mainly AMA and some material that is transcoded to DNXHD 185. There is some XF300 and 5D in the timeline and couple of archive shots. I have 3 Video tracks, lots of subtitles and 10 audio tracks. I output via a video and audio mixdown then output as a same...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Sarita Siegel on Mon, Jan 19 2015
  • MC and audio output from Blackmagic Decklink Mini Monitor

    Hello everyone I just purchased and installed a Blackmagic Decklink Mini Monitor video card to work with MC 8.1. Video output is fine but since the card only has an HDMI and an SDI output, I only get audio from these, no audio from my sound card. It also seems there's no alternative option on the...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by happytrimmer on Wed, Jan 14 2015
  • Mixed Frame Rate Issue/NTSC to PAL Conversion

    Hiya! I am really hoping that someone could help me with this issue. I have Canon 5D Mark II Footage, along with DV CAM footage, and I am trying to edit the sequence as a 1080p/25 format setting. The 5D footage was shot at 24 fps and the external footage was shot at 25. The footage has a lot of movement...
    Posted to Film and 24p (Forum) by subliminalme on Thu, May 15 2014
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