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  • HDV Firewire digitizing anomaly

    Odd digitizing problem (and yes, I know HDV tape is passe.) When digitizing into Media Composer (2018.6 HP Z400) via firewire from a Canon XH-A1, the live monitor in Media Composer inverts the color in its live feed. (Capture playback is fine when viewed after with normal color phase) It's not the...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by flashcutter on Thu, Jun 28 2018
  • Getting started in HD?

    I work in a small military broadcasting office that's just getting it's feet off the ground. My boss would like us to start shooting some projects in HD 16 X 9. We shoot with a panasonic DVCProHD P2. Does anyone know the standard camera and avid media composer settings for this format?
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by karmacam on Thu, May 20 2010
  • Logging action on set -> digitizing from ALE

    Action Log pro looks like an amasing tool for people logging on location, once the shoot has been finished the logs for the day can be emailed to overnight digitizers for ingestion, it's going to make paper logs redundant! If you've got an iphone or an ipod, it's well worth checking out....
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by yoda101B on Fri, May 29 2009
  • Digitzing Help! Sony HVR-M35U won't read hd tapes?

    Hi All, I'm having some trouble. I was batch capturing fine until my boss said it didn't look like HD (our avid is mc 2.2.5 and doesn't support hd - just found that out). He wanted me to make it HD and I must have pressed the wrong button because now it won't capture HD tapes or play...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by tjcraig7 on Sun, Mar 8 2009
  • Digitizing Error, Capture Stops, Deck Continues

    Hi, I'm digitizing on multiple Xpress Pro's and having a problem. Mid capture an error message pops up asking me to keep or discard the clips. The capture will stop but the deck will continue to play. So you can see why this is a major problem. I hope this is a simple settings thing, I do have...
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - PC (Forum) by tjcraig7 on Mon, Feb 2 2009
  • 32khz in a 48khz project!

    I'm working on a massive project. We have over 1000 hours of footage! Just recently I had some interns digitize about 20 tapes that were donated by a contributing cameraman. I didn't realize before they were digitized that he shot at 32khz instead of 48khz like the rest of the 980 tapes in the...
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by shellsabell on Thu, Sep 4 2008
  • Deck communications

    I am runnning AXP 5.7.7 on an Intel iMac OS 10.4.11 with 2GB of RAM. I have had pretty good luck digitizing through the firewire, and now I cannot get the computer to see the deck. What maintenance tricks might help with this? Jean
    Posted to Avid Xpress Pro - Mac (Forum) by Jean Dunoyer on Wed, Aug 6 2008
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