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  • New mocha v3 planar tracking, roto & vfx tools

    Hello folks, For those that might have missed the news, Imagineer Systems released mocha Pro v3 and mocha AE v3 at NAB on April 16th, 2012. I am including a couple links with news and videos. mocha Pro v3 compliments Media Composer, Symphony and DS with advanced tools for planar tracking, roto, removing...
    Posted to Complete Your Suite (Forum) by ImagineerSystems on Thu, Apr 26 2012
  • Re: Avid FX Crash - "Can't open System File" - now in MC6!

    [quote user="Mike Shaw"]Douglas has just Skyped me and shown me how that works. Could be very useful when I get the windows all messed up - as I do when exploring ... [/quote] That should be quite soon, Mike Actually, when I was chatting with Mike, I soon realised that he was slowing down and...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by marianna on Sun, Jan 8 2012
  • Avid Production Suite Confusion

    Hello! I bought my Avid Media Composer Academic Version a few months ago. I thought I will not be authorized to download the production suite, as I often read "Academic does not come with third party...". Now I found this link Where down below is listed · Students...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Marc_89 on Sun, Dec 4 2011
  • Free live mocha webinar for editors

    Motion Tracking for Editors: more info: DATE / TIME November 10, 2011 @ 10:00 AM PDT to 11:30 AM PDT DESCRIPTION Complex effects can be handled in your NLE without needing to go into a separate compositing application. Animating...
    Posted to Complete Your Suite (Forum) by ImagineerSystems on Wed, Nov 9 2011
  • mocha training available

    mocha planar tracking and roto training has recently been added to well known training site: This is a 5 hr training course focused on the basics of mocha and great way to start learning: View Course. View Preview Video Additionally you can find lots of free training videos here: http://www...
    Posted to Complete Your Suite (Forum) by ImagineerSystems on Fri, Oct 7 2011
  • AvidFX - 3D Container

    Helo, Woking on some text layers in AvidFX. I would lke to achieve a camera DepthOfField effect for my text layers (animated)? I tried to put the text tracks inside a 3D container but the tracks display (eyes) are muted. They work fine in a regular container but no camera tab. If text layers on 3D container...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Ervz Tia (Tikboy) on Tue, Aug 9 2011
  • Avid XML - After Effects Plug-in

    Boris XML Transfer Version 3 Introduces Support for Avid Media Composer Here's an FYI Boris has come out with a new plug-in that will allow After Effects to import Avid XML files. Only available on Mac for now, Windows soon. The artical in Studio Daily says: Boris XML Transfer preserves all aspects...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Leo153 on Tue, May 31 2011
  • Re: Boris Red 5 / Avid FX

    [quote user="adamsonn"](I am playing with the FEC ball action at the moment on a text layer with an underlying video track - making the balls start dispersed and then coming in to form the text - this crashes the system without fail[/quote] Well, Neil That gave me something to test out. The...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by marianna on Sat, Apr 30 2011
  • Re: What animation/graphic programs are Avid editors using?

    [quote user="AndrewAction"]As I said before Douglas's Avid FX Tutorials on the site here are a pretty good for starters.[/quote] Thanks for the mentions Andrew. (Sorry I am a bit low on cash just now......) Terry, If you are not in a big hurry, and you contact me, I'll give you some...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by marianna on Tue, Feb 8 2011
  • uninstall Boris BCC AVX 6 & Avid FX 5.8

    Hello, I can't seem to be able to uninstall Boris BCC AVX 6 and Avid FX 5.8. I installed these apps since they came with our avid 4.0.5 and I needed the scan line effect from Boris. After installing these apps my xdcam import broke. The "disk label" field in the import window was gone and...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Drew Sommer on Fri, Sep 17 2010
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