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  • AMA File Export menu voice disabled

    Hi in the last two versions of Media Composer (2018.7 and 2018.9) I noted that the in the "AMA file export" menu the file type ("Export as:" ) implemented in my plugin is disabled. I see in the format the option "BLT File Format", but is disabled. In previous version (before...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Wed, Oct 3 2018
  • What is 'Render Unrendered Effects' check-box of AMA file export dialog box for?

    Hi There is 'Render Unrendered Effects' check-box in the AMA file export dialog box. I enabled it and exported a sequence which consists of three P in P effects those are not rendered, master clips which used on that sequence are XAVC 4K intra CBG Class 300 media files. Export setttings: Export...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by tiidavid on Mon, Jun 25 2018
  • SetValues(const IACFString *xml) and IAAFClips::GetMetadata

    We are trying to develop AMA writeback plugin, but we are faced with some strange behavior in the host application. The first problem is setting values in method SetValues(const IACFString *xml) - the input string is empty, but in GetValues and GetParameterInfos methods I set two integer checkboxes....
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by cda on Thu, Mar 16 2017
  • AMA File Export configuration

    Hi how can I insert in the AMA file export some settings ? That is I want to set some different configuration like when is selected MXF OP1a (mainly sample rate and bit depth). In the example included in sdk no settings are available. I need to insert some comboBox and labels in order to allow audio...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Wed, Sep 14 2016
  • AMA File export is changing original color

    Hey guys, I'm trying to do an AMA export from a linked uncompressed 10 bit QT. The issue I'm having is that the color gets saturated and no longer looks the way it did in the time line. Why is avid crushing the blacks and saturating the colors when I try to export an mxf op 1a in a J2k compression...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Apache4 on Thu, May 26 2016
  • Error exporting

    Hi in these days we are testing our plugin with latest version of MediaComposer (8.3.1). In exporting material there is an error: @ Fri Apr 17 10:27:14 2015 * Exception: std::exception, what:ACF call failed: sampleConsumer->Setup (trackIndex, 0), error code 0x80000001, file ..\..\src\AMAExport\AMAExportMedia...
    Posted to Avid AMA Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Fri, Apr 17 2015
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