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  • Re: Can't update my dongle

    I am having the same porblem. No dongle update possibility inside the latest Application Manager after upgrading to 8.10, even though my license is vaild till the end of 2018. I will try installing verison 8.7 tomorrow and hope to be able to update my dongle like you described it. Will the dongle update possibility ever come back with a (hopefully)
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by mr_zoom on Tue, Jan 16 2018
  • Re: gets stuck on Verifying ‘ install media composer’

    [quote user="Kevin Klimek"] Another solution is to Get Info (CMD+I) on the opened DMG and uncheck "Ignore ownership on this volume." This only happens with MacOS X El Capitan (10.11.x). [/quote] Experienced the same problem again while updating to 8.9.2. I have had this problem once in the past, than it seemd to work well for the
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by mr_zoom on Fri, Oct 13 2017
  • Re: hide EC1 track by default

    Excellent advice! Never tohught about that. Works perfectly fine! Thanks
  • hide EC1 track by default

    This may sound stupid to some but I'm always wondering why the edge code track is always visible by default when setting up a new porject. Couldn't that just be switched off by default? I was just assuming that most users either switch it off instantly (like I do) or simply don't care. I know this is not really worth mentioning but still
  • Re: 7 wishes for MC7.5

    [quote user="French_Editor"] To help you with the mask, here is what I do, that works well (this does not preclude that I totally agree with your request!) V1: the background V2: the foreground image V3: a black title on which you apply a paint. You draw your mask in white. In the end, you are therefore a kind of alpha channel. On the V3 you
  • Re: 7 wishes for MC7.5

    +1 on all your wishes I can totally feel your pain. I can absolutley not understand why there won't be any more blend options nativley after all these years. Having "screen, lighten, darken, overlay..." modes available can't be the craziest thing to ask for to be implemented in a video editing application. Avid FX or not, of course
  • Re: 16:9 Film Masks

    [quote user="Pat Horridge"] Please don't. There are still countries that require 4:3 deliverables and I imagine that will still be the case in years to come. Add more but don't lose what we have. As an aside I love the reformat option on AMA sources if you make sure you correctly flag them as 4:3 or 16:9. If you set it to pillerbox
  • Re: installer failing

    You should rather use the uninstaller that came with 5.5. Always uninstall a version with it's equivalent uninstaller otherwise you will run into trouble.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by mr_zoom on Sat, Feb 23 2013
  • Re: composite effect

    [quote user="Kenton.VanNatten"] [quote user="mr_zoom"]I think Avid should create it's own effect instead of having to use another appliaction or a pricy plug in.[/quote] Because Avid can research, develop, test & implement it's features for free? If history has shown us anything it proves that anytime Avid develops "it's
  • Re: composite effect

    [quote user="Nnata"] Mr Zoom. I feel your pain and feel that Avid should respond. Especially considering another poular editor requires only 2 clicks to achieve this (without having to apply an effect). From my experience, the BCC filter is the way forward. [/quote] Exactly, and that's why I think Avid should create it's own effect
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