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  • Re: moving all clips to right of cursor, back to the left!

    Not sure which button you're suggesting whenever I select clips to right (just below the source monitor, above the timeline), it highlights all tracks. Fine if you want to move everything to the right. I want to be able to select all clips, but not the black spacing. As far as I can work out, you have to select all clips to the right, then manually
  • Re: Show both fields in pause on external monitor

    show audio peaks in timeline, moving all clips to the right back to the left, showing both fields in pause mode, better dragging of clips in segment mode... I could go on (and have!). Has anybody at Avid actually used FCP? I'm not saying it's all fantastic, but there are features that are either lacking in Avid (that I notice when swithing between
  • Segment mode improvement

    Could there be an option when in segment mode (red arrow) that if you lasoo or highlight both picture and its sound and drag it up or down the timeline, that the picture and sound will both move out of the way of other existing clips, or at least move to a different pair of tracks? To clarify, whilst you can decide on which track to place the video
  • assign audio tracks

    I've inherited a number of projects from other editors, where some cut on 6 or 7 tracks with "stereo tracks" and others maybe use 11 or so maybe with "twin mono" music and then I have to combine their work into one timeline. Coming from a film background, I tend to have the discipline of keeping all my tracks organised fairly
  • moving all clips to right of cursor, back to the left!

    Being able to select all clips in the timeline to the right of the cursor is a real boon to create space to edit in. The problem comes when you want to "close the gap" afterwards. Applying the same procedure and dragging all clips back to the left results in a lot of clips being obliterated, especially off to the left where you can't see
  • Show audio peaks in timeline

    The ability to show where audio peaks (ie: over zero db) are in the timeline and mark them with some kind of flag, is another feature from FCP7 that I found invaluable and saved a huge amount of time before exporting long shows. I'm not talking about showing wavforms, just where it goes "over the top" and add a marker. With Avid you have
  • Show both fields in pause on external monitor

    The ability to show both fields in pause mode should be an option on the external monitor. Avid still strips out one field when paused, causing the shot to look terrible. With graphics, and wide shots trying to see/guess detail is a nightmare when working on interlaced projects. Yes I know there's the "forward one field" button, but it's
  • Re: audio peak detection in sequence

    Yes, you can export back to FCP (as long as you know there are no overload peaks in any of the tracks). I've done that! And it takes a lot of bother - especially if your FCP and AVID are on separate boot drives. Or. worse you don't have FPC to hand at your workplace. What I'm asking for in AVID MC is a feature update that does what is already
  • Re: field order fixing

    Larry thanks for replying, but my request is not to turn it into progressive and lose the fields; it's to retain the interlacing but shift the field order. I once saw a demonstration on Avid by someone who used masks to blank out every upper field and then every lower field and then edit them back into the timeline in a different order - took forever
  • field order fixing

    Another thing I miss from FCP7 coming back to MC is the "change field order" filter. ON FCP7 you just drop an effect on the clip and the filed order is reversed. Simples. Related, but slightly different problem is when the field order is correct but the fileds are out of kilter with the frames. Again, from my time with FCP7 there is a purchase
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