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  • Re: Delete muliple tracks at once

    Um, never mind. A second web search found the answer. Simply select the tracks and press delete. Feeling kinda stupid about now. Case closed.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by cable on Tue, May 8 2018
  • Delete muliple tracks at once

    I find myself needing to delete up to 30 audio tracks often these days as I'm prepping reels for delivery. I am sure there must be a way but I can't find it and it's not in the help docs. How does one delete multiple video or audio tracks at once? I am doing them one at a time and there's got to be a better way. I tried various option
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by cable on Tue, May 8 2018
  • move community account to new master account

    Hello, I've been with my current company for many years and have been active on the forums. I've decided to move on from the company to other things which will still include being involved with Avid products and the Avid community forums. I've created a new master account with my personal info but would like to be able to move my community
    Posted to Community Issues and Suggestions (Forum) by cable on Fri, Apr 27 2018
  • Linix client versions

    I have spoken with support and they've told me that I should be able use CentOS or Red Hat Linux for running a linux client. We've tried both of those but keep getting an error about Fuse not being the correct version. Does anyone here run a linux client and if so what Fuse version are you running? I feel like I tried getting that info from
    Posted to Avid NEXIS | PRO (Forum) by cable on Tue, Apr 24 2018
  • Re: Avid supported imac config

    While keeping in mind that it's not an approved system, I'd say it's probably 100% that it would work fine. With 16GB RAM you won't be able to go crazy but I often cut on my old laptop from 5 years ago and it works really really well.
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by cable on Wed, Apr 18 2018
  • Re: MC Standard no longer usable with Nexis?

    I have perpetual licenses but am pretty sure I was paying $300/year to keep them up to date. Will keeping the Nexis Ultimate go up to the $500/year per license? That's what I thought I read. Thank you.
    Posted to Avid NEXIS | PRO (Forum) by cable on Fri, Apr 13 2018
  • MC Standard no longer usable with Nexis?

    Am I reading the FAQ right that I have to upgrade all of my licenses to Media Composer Ultimate to share projects with on existing Nexis Enterprise system? This can't be right? I have 20 seats and would now have to pay an additional $4000/year to keep them under support. I don't need any new features but our projects must be shared. Is this
    Posted to Avid NEXIS | PRO (Forum) by cable on Thu, Apr 12 2018
  • Re: Technical question about the project creation for specifically sized film.

    I'd recommend editing at 1920x1080. Our VFX EXR size is 2348x1566 so depening on finished aspect ratio we might do different things. When cutting a 2.39 project we have the luxury of the black at top and bottom for burn-ins. For a 1.85 project we might fit the entire image raster into the 1920x1080 image and use a filter to zoom and mask the image
    Posted to Film and 24p (Forum) by cable on Mon, Apr 2 2018
  • Re: Shared Storage Options (AVID Nexis Pro,Promax) and off-site backups

    I'll chime in on this because I've used several non Avid storage solutions but not Promax. I do however use a promax solution for my backups. I went from Unity in the past to two different "Avid friendly" shared storage solutions and then back to Avid. I now use Nexis for all Avid storage. I'm not just saying this because this
    Posted to Avid NEXIS | PRO (Forum) by cable on Fri, Mar 16 2018
  • get license info from Terminal - OSX

    Hi, I manage 20 seats of MC and I could not justify the very high cost of the license server with so few licenses. Occasionally I need to determine the sys id of a certain user (this is all local to one network location) but I can never get onto these systems because these editors never leave their rooms. They are working before I come in and working
    Posted to Licensing Options (Forum) by cable on Thu, Mar 1 2018
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