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As part of the pre-production process, I ended up writing a poem, which served as a conceptual framework for the clip.

There’s Two.

 There’s always Two.


 Two doves,

Two lovers,

A Duet,

Yin and Yang,

Light and dark,

Good and Evil.


Which am I?


Dark, light, good, evil,

Which is which?

Who is which?

Which is who?


Who am I?

Which am I?

One, the other, none,






Date Added: Wed, Jul 30 2008

Runtime: 1:00

School Name: RMIT

School Course: B. Comm. - MEDIA

School Year of Study: Year 3

File Size: 38.5MB

Views: 1,276

Products Used:

  • Avid Media Composer (software)


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