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  • Thu, Aug 4 2011 9:26 PM

    Active Client names do not match Client names

    First, a disclaimer:  I'm not a Unity Tech, but probably know enough about it to be a danger to myself.  

    Working on a project with another editor connected to Unity-FC and yesterday and today we noticed that either we had missing Bin Locks or the project appeared to each of us as if we were working locally.  

    Today, I opened a Bin and added a few sequences to it.  The other editor was also working in this same Bin on another sequence, unbeknownst to me.  Avid let us each save our work and neither of us were really aware that the other was working in the same Bin.  When we realized this I closed the Bin and re-opened it.  "My version" of the Bin did not contain his changes to another sequence and his version of the Bin did not contain any of my sequences that I had added.

    We found the Bins in the Unity Attic and noted that Bins that contained my sequences were listed by the Finder as Unix Executable Files, whereas his Bins were listed as Avid Bin Files.  So somehow we were both able to save the same Bin and were each apparently overwriting the other's previously saved version.  

    I shutdown all Clients and re-booted the Unity and then rebooted/re-connected each Client.  What I found odd is that each Client's name is "Edit1", "Edit2", etc.  The Unity Monitor Tool shows the Active Clients as "edit1" and "Edit2".  To add to the confusion, yesterday we noted that Bin Locks were missing, so I checked the Active Clients list and saw "edit1" and "edit2" (both lowercase).  I disconnected my client and re-connected and it came back as "Edit1".  

    Is there any correlation to the inconsistency between the computer name and the Active Client list that would cause our systems to effectively believe that they are not connected to Unity? 

    Why is the Client Manager not seeing the Clients as they are named?

    We are using:

    Avid MC v5.0.3.9 MacPro OS 10.6.3

    FibreManager v5.2

    Let me know if you need more info about versions etc and I will try to get them.


    MacPro dual 2.66GHz 6GB RAM nVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT Storage: 2TB G-Speed eS with controller card 3x1TB Hitachi SATA-II internals, various external FW/USB... [view my complete system specs]

    Kenton VanNatten | Avid Editor (for hire)

    "I am not obsessed... I'm detail-oriented"

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