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  • Sun, Jun 13 2010 8:41 PM

    • mjolnarn
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    Sys and Cpu usage in MC5

    Anyone noticed the improvements, I am transcoding a 50 minutes Hdv Sequense to DNxHD 185x right now, cpu usage more than 80 % on all 4 cores on this old workhorse makes te transcoding faster than rt, if I should have used thin raster 120 it would probably have ran even faster

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  • Sun, Jun 13 2010 10:02 PM In reply to

    Re: Sys and Cpu usage in MC5

    I just compared import a mov coming from Canon 7D to AMA link/transcode. Import took ~2x RT, AMA link and transcode around 0.6 RT. This was also reflected on processor load. So AMA really can save serious time...

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    • jwrl
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    Re: Sys and Cpu usage in MC5

    Anyone noticed the improvement
    I haven't done any definitive tests yet, because it's only currently installed on my dual core laptop.  My impression is that everything feels faster.  Once it's installed on my primary system (hopefully later this week) I'll try some tests.

    I did a test stabilize and was impressed by the speed and effectiveness of that.  I also like the spot color effect - not quite secondary colorgrading, but close.  (If it was in 4, I apologize, but I don't recall seeing it there.)

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    Re: Sys and Cpu usage in MC5

    Testing MC 5 on a donkey, underpowered system right now (Core 2 Duo 2.33ghz, Quadro FX 560, 4 GB RAM, Win XP SP3); the software runs smooth, I'm curious to see how it would run on my main system but don't want to upgrade in the middle of a complex job with plenty of mixed material (HDCAM, XDCAM, P2, SD, Avid P&Z bitmaps) because of the new management of different frame sizes; really trying to stress the Avid P&Z effect to see if the MC 3.5/4's bugs have gone (the lost connection to the bitmap as well as the plugin only rendering in low quality after a certain number of modications to the effect), the missing UNC Path column from the bin headings in non film projects is still missing, but rendering P&Z effects seems to be faster than in MC 4.

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    peace luca

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