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  • Mon, Mar 15 2010 5:58 AM

    • Andrew Fomin
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    Splitting MXF Project Files

    I have two projects which have all their MXF files in the same default Media Composer directory (AvidMediaFiles/MXF/1).  I would like to pull the Media files out of that default directory for one project and place those files onto an external drive to use with my Notebook which also has Media Composer running on it.  I understand about moving project files over onto another system, but how do you take the media files along? I can't take the whole directory of about 750GB with me.  The two projects roughly split that space.  Is there a way to extract media files I need?  Also, in the future, is there a way to save MXF Media Files into separate subdirectories for each project?  I know that Ctrl-5 will bring up the option of directing the media files into a specific drive, but I didn't see anyway of directing them into specific directories.                                   

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    Re: Splitting MXF Project Files

    As silly as it might sound, I would take out the disk (taking that is SD project) and hook it to a USB case.

    This would be the fastest option instead of using MDV to copy the files to another disk.

    The best option is to have it on e-SATA but this depends on if your laptop futures an e-sata connection.

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    Re: Splitting MXF Project Files


    I'm working on the trail version of MC 4.05 so I'm newbie of MC. For what I have see you have to options to separete media files for every project. They can be appllied at the benginning of the project . You can using one of these two way


    1- create a virtual hard drive (uisng windows commands)

    2- rename the MXF folder to an other one and rename back as "MXF" when you want re-open the project (obvoiuslly before you must change the name folder previous folder)


    At the point you are the only solution I saw is to use MDV (make search on this forum fo MDV)




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    Re: Splitting MXF Project Files


    Andrew Fomin:
    I understand about moving project files over onto another system, but how do you take the media files along?

    You can consolidate the media to an external hard drive.  I would:

    1. Open the project you want to move.

    2. Open the Media Tool.

    3. Select all drives and the current project.

    The Media Tool should now show you all the media from the current project.

    4. Select all.

    5. Consolidate the media to an external hard drive.

    Now you can take the project folder and external hard drive to another system.


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