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  • Sat, Mar 22 2008 5:40 PM

    Xpress Pro End of Life/Upgrade to Media Composer

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    Hi all,

    Based on feedback from customers to simplify the product line and make Avid’s industry-standard tools more accessible to a broader audience, the company has merged its Avid Xpress Pro software into its flagship Media Composer software product line and established a new price point of $2,495 USMSRP for Media Composer software. Customers who purchased Media Composer software at the prior $4,995 USMSRP price after January 1, 2008 are eligible to receive a credit toward future purchases.

    ExistingAvid Xpress Pro customers can upgrade to Media Composer software for $495 USMSRP. Avid will continue selling Avid Xpress Pro software through the end of Q2 2008, and offer support for the product through March 17, 2013. However, effective today, Avid will no longer sell support contracts or offer any further software upgrades for Avid Xpress Pro.

    Details of the upgrade offer.

    European prices are 500 Euros and 310 GBP.

    Xpress Pro will continue to be sold through Q2 of 2008. 

    Avid will support Xpress Pro through March 13, 2013, but the program will not be updated beyond the current version (5.8).

    Regular Mojo and Mojo-SDI will work with Media Composer.

    If you're running an Avid certified machine with the newest version of Xpress Pro, your computer will most likely run Media Composer sofware.  Check the Media Composer specs to see where you system might be lacking. Media Composer System Requirements

    Purchasing Assurance Contracts:  Changes (if any) are not determined at this point, to be announced at a later date if changes will be made.

    When will the Xpress Pro to Media Composer upgrade price expire?  This is currently considered a set price for the upgrade from Xpress Pro to Media Composer with no expiration date set.

    I need 720p/25 support, which is slated for a future release.  Will it be added to Xpress Pro?  No.  Xpress Pro will not be further updated.  You will need to update to the Media Composer version when 720p/25 is supported.

    Will Xpress Pro run on Leopard or Vista?  Not in a supported configuration.   Again, Xpress Pro will no longer be developed, so Leopard and Vista will not be supported for Xpress Pro.  Upgrade to Media Composer when the software supports these operating systems.

    Is there any price cut on hardware?  There have been no hardware announcements to date.

    Can I update Xpress DV to Media Composer?  Yes, but not all in one install.  First, buy the upgrade to Xpress Pro for $495 and update your dongle.  Then buy the Xpress Pro to Media Composer upgrade for $495 and update your dongle for Media Composer.

    Do I get third party programs with the upgrade?  Yes.  Upgrading a commercial license of Xpress Pro to Media Composer will include the third party software bundle, including Boris CC effects. Currently, BCC is not a part of the software download purchase from the Avid store. Avid online is currently working to get those plugs bundled with the download but no word on how long that will take.

    Can I use my MC dongle to continue to run AXP?  No.  Once you update the dongle to work with MC software, then you can not go back to Xpress pro and use it.  The only way you could would be to back rev the dongle to Xpress pro but then it wuld not work on the MC System.  They are 2 seperate and different editors.

    In addition, if you would like to see the Advantages to upgrading to a MC. This Article should help

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    Carl Amoscato | Freelance Film & Video Editor | London, UK

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