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    Re: Sometimes MC won't close

    Here we have it, too, that MC hangs on closing / quitting the application.

    We also have it on NitrisDX machines, so I doubt it has something to do with specific BMD / AJA / openIO whatever...

    Some have symphony option , some don´t have it, so there is also no direct connection.

    We aren´t connected to the internet and have no browsers than the built in edge.

    We are on newly installed HPz840 Wkst, Windows10 Pro 64bit version 1803, 32GB RAM. Interplay / Media Central Production with ISIS 5500 storage, 1GB ethernet connections. We have both BCC and sapphire installed (not newest version) and we have Baselight Editions v5.

    The only thing I noticed: the hang on closing the application only happens if the machine was in constant use for a longer period of time (the whole day). It never happend, when you only let it run for a few hours or with low workload. So the more work and the heavier the project was, the more likely it was that MC hangs on quitting the app in the evening :-)

    I always knew it, the avid is alive! It just is exhausted in the evening...





    Avid MC 2018.12 / NitrisDX / HP z840 / Windows 10 Pro 64bit / winVer 1803 / Interplay - Media Central Production / ISIS 5500 storage / Client connection... [view my complete system specs]
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