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  • Mon, Nov 12 2018 11:16 AM

    Laptop Spec for 2nd Avid?

    Hi All,


    We're looking at getting some laptops so Directors and EPs can watch and assemble footage on. Media will generally be SD proxies or at max DNX36 MXFs working from an external drive. I have taken a look at the Avid certified laptops but they are super pricey and have great specs but I'm wondering if I really need those super high-end machines for basic pulls/assemblies.


    Any help on basic specs would be appreciated!


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    Re: Laptop Spec for 2nd Avid?

    I feel like the need for avid qualifications are very exagerated.

    As long as you get something with Nvidia hopefully something like a 1060 or 1070 youll be fine.

    The more ram the better (64gb is my minimum these days but 32 is probably ok, get something expandable).  And make sure the display is at least 1080.  Asus makes some cool external usb 3 monitors (be careful with the usb-c ones those don't always work with displaylink).

    Also make sure you re-install a qualified version of windows from scratch with no bloatware.

    And my biggest regret with my last laptop which ran avid really well was not getting thunderbolt.  Get thunderbolt 3 because this will increase your expansion options A LOT.


    If you're looking for a desktop replacement eurocom makes some monsters.  All my desktops are windows pcs and I dislike apple for a few reasons, but I do give credit where its due, and their laptops are pretty darn good.


    look on to find some deals on laptops.  type i7 notebook and make sure they have the specs I mentioned above. update:  I just did a search on  I typed i7 notebook thunderbolt 3... If it were me I'd look for something expandable to 64gb ram, but that may be hard to find or impossible (im a desktop guy)

    oh and one last thing, i wouldnt get anything under 6 core these days.  its a 50% increase from quad core so definitely worth it if youre transcoding or exporting from it.  eurocom has desktop cpus in their notebooks.

    MC 2018.12.1, diy x299 7940x 4.7ghz OC, 1080ti, 128gb ram, w10 pro (1803) DM me on instagram for tech Q's: dvhaime [view my complete system specs]
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    Re: Laptop Spec for 2nd Avid?

    Thanks for the help!


    I went with this in the end. It seemed like the best spec for just over £1600!

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    Re: Laptop Spec for 2nd Avid?


    I don’t really have a good suggestion for a “cheaper laptop that doesn’t run full featured MC”.  That’s not exactly what we do here! We only test Intel Core i7 with HyperThreading as the Intel Core i5 CPUs do not have HT and are underpowered for MC editors. Discrete graphics are highly recommended for the Video and 8GB memory is still the min (soon to be 16 GB mem).

    SSD storage will cut the boot time in half but you can save $100 by going with spinning hard drives.

    The Dell 3530 laptop with min specs costs under $1500 (i7, 8GB mem, P600, 256GB HDD). We don’t test any of the consumer laptops with similar specs but they might be cheaper.

    Here are the min specs from the Avid qualified list:

    Windows Minimum Specifications

    Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer
    Operating Systems:  
    Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit), 
    Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise - requires MC v7.0.3/NC 11.0.3 or later
    Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise – requires MC 8.5 or later
    Intel quad-core i7, i9 or Intel Quad Core Xeon (with turbo boost – 8 virtual CPU cores) – 2.5 Ghz or higher

    8 GB RAM minimum
    16+ GB RAM minimum required to support Media Composer | Cloud, background transcoding/transcode, Dynamic Media Folders, full-frame stereoscopic 3D, FrameFlex 4K workflows, Raw format AMA plug-ins, Long GOP media editing, and other high- performance workflowsRAM listed is what Avid tested as part of the qualification process. Adding more memory is supported as long as it adheres to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Graphics card1:
    NVIDIA Quadro family, Intel HD4000/HD5000, or AMD FirePro/Radeon Pro
    Current driver support from Nvidia or AMD

    Internal hard drive: Minimum 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA drive, 256 GB SSD


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