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  • Thu, Nov 8 2018 1:59 PM

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    Timeline track stuff – 4 ideas

    Four requests, three simple one perhaps more complicated.

    • The capability to solo/mute groups of tracks in timeline (and mixer).  That is, if I have 5 tracks selected, I should be able to solo/mute them as a group instead of clicking the little solo/mute buttons.

    • Highlight tracks – would be great if the entire track could somehow be highlighted, or perhaps unselected tracks could be slightly lighter?   As the number of tracks has increased in my timeline I find I often click the wrong track for some little segment in the middle of my timeline.

    • Highlight fades/dissolves when they are created – would be nice if when a transition is created it "flashed" or something.  Sometimes I accidentally create a super long fade and don't realize it because it is so dim.  I don't really want the standard fade to be super bright or garish, I like how they look now, but if they "popped" for a split second when created, that would help.

    • Limit edits to visible part of timeline.  With the head/tail fade commands and the extend-edit command in particular I sometimes accidentally make an edit offscreen.  That is I may have highlighted an extra track and hit "extend" and what I wanted to happen happens, but unbeknownst to me, 20 mins down my timeline some other segment was also extended.  Maybe it would be possible to have some mode where nothing you can't see will be edited  unless the user actually went down to that point and added a trim roller, or such.  Basically I'm just talking about command like head/tail fade and extend edit, maybe a couple others.

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