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    Big Smile [:D] Media Composer 2018.10 released. MacOS Mojave!

    Avid is pleased to announce the October release of Media Composer 2018 which is available as of today, October 24th, 2018 at 12:00 PM EST.  

    Location: This release is available from Avid Master Accounts, Application Manager, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required).

    Operating System Update: macOS Mojave (10.14) is now supported on Media Composer 2018.10.

    The following lists the qualified Operating Systems. Depending upon your hardware the qualified Operating Systems are:

    Windows v7 64-bit SP1(Professional) and Windows v8.1 (Professional and Enterprise), Windows v10 64-bit (Professional, Creators, and Enterprise).

    Macintosh v10.11.6, 10.12.6, 10.13.6, 10.14  

    To learn more about compatible versions visit 


    Manual approval of loading Kernel Extensions (KEXTs): With the release of Mac OS v10.13.x (High Sierra) and 10.14(Mojave), Apple requires manual approval of loading Kernel Extensions (KEXTs). (For example: Avid Nitris DX, BlackMagic, and AJA IO devices install Kernel Extensions.) At installation time, you should get a dialog saying that the KEXT was not loaded. You must go the “Security & Privacy” system preference and manually approve the KEXT. Keep the Security & Privacy pane open after you install the I/O device drivers so that you will see the notice that the driver has been blocked and press the “allow” button within 30 minutes of installing or the driver will be permanently blocked.


    Application Installers:  With this release of 2018.10 (as with 2018.9), you have a single installer for Media Composer and Media Composer | First. The option to run as Media Composer | First is now include in the Avid Media Composer Activation window.


    What’s New:  The following are new features in 2018.10

    • Mac OS Support - Updated list of supported Operating Systems. 
    • AVC-LongG - Additional AVC-LongG formats are supported with this release.
    • Color Management LUT fix - The BT.2100 color conversions between PQ 2020 and HLG 2020 are made according BT.2390 specifications (at 1000 nits).
    • Additional Color Space Presets - More color space presets are available inProgressive HD projects.


    What’s Fixed: The following have been fixed in 2018.10: 

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2605. You might have seen a BSOD (Windows crash) after launching the editing application in a Media Composer | Cloud VM environment.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2586. Performing a Shift + render In-to-Out behaved differently if you performed it a second time.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2664. Exported audio set to Mono might have played back 3dB lower than the original sequence.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2691. (Windows 7) If you deselected “Re-encode for XDCAM” in the Transfer Settings, creating a new project with the same user would select the “Re-encode for XDCAM” option.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2694. When logged into Production Management Services, you might have received a “structured Exception” error when exiting the bin Fast Menu. 

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2672. In some instances, Media Creation settings did not remain the same after closing and opening the project.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2668. Send to Playback might have failed if your sequence contained audio with clip pan and a rendered audio dissolve.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2454. In some instances, transcoding 10bit to 8bit introduced vertical banding on solid color.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2292. Audio might have been out of sync and you might have seen audio underruns when linking Apple Prores 422 using the QuickTime plugin.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2619. When splitting a 5.1 audio track into mono tracks in the sequence the tracks were always arranged in the ProTools order, no matter what the Mix Mode Selection in the Audio Mixer was set to.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2638. The “NTSC Has Setup” option did not appear in the General Settings when a Nitris DX was connected.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2482. Exporting an H.264 sequence with stereo did not export as stereo.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2648. You might have received an “Exception: Tmf export only supports Long GOP” error when performing a Send To Playback with AVC Long GOP that has an I-frame at the beginning of the sequence.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2588. If your Tape ID contained spaces, the editing application would crash if you performed a Send To Playback.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2651. In some instances,a .transfer sequence with Long GOP format generated during the Send to Playback process, did not show as rendered.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2609. Performing an AMA File Export of MXF OP1a using Avid Media Processor set to Stereo Mix, exported as two separate mono tracks.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2639. If you closed and reopened a sequence multiple times, the Timewarp effect lost its render and the output setting changed to default (Interlaced).

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2581. In some instances, you could not relink back to media that was linked with the Avid Generic plug-in.

    - Bug Number: COGS-4963. (Live Timeline) In some instances, you could not scroll while performing playback in the Timeline.

    - Bug Number: COGS-4939. (Live Timeline) You could not add markers on stereo audio in the Source Monitor during playback.

    - Bug Number: COGS-4897. (Live Timeline) Loading a new clip into the Source Monitor by performing a drag and drop operation did not stop play and load the clip.

    - Bug Number: COGS-4870. (Live Timeline) Pressing Ctrl + / did not zoom to show the entire sequence during playback.

    - Bug Number: COGS-4862. (Live Timeline) When working in the Audio Mixer you could not enable/disable tracks during playback.

    - Bug Number: COGS-4860. (Live Timeline) Clicking on Source Browser contents was stopping playback.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2599. The editing application became slow after loading a large sequence into the Source/Record monitor.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2601. The Trim to Fill (Timewarp) effect did not work on clips with a spatial adapter.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2646. You would receive an “Invalid File Name” error when transcoding a linked WAV file that contained two consecutive dots in the original file name.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2611. After sorting a bin by double clicking on a column, selecting an item in the bin resulted in the item being deselected.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2569. In some instances, the thumbnail displayed on the Frame column in the bin appear as Media Offline when importing a matte key.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2118. (Mac) Files that include “ ” in the name could not be transcoded and resulted in a “failed to import” error when checked out on a Windows system.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2590. When returning to the Find window to perform a repeat custom sift, the Custom Sift text field was not highlighted.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2653. You might have received a “Cannot be exported” error when performing an export to XDCAM OP1A of a “Capture in progress” clip.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2600. Airspeed MP2 low res proxy waveforms did not draw on the Timeline.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2254. A green/pink gradient might appear on some images captured from a Sony HDR FX1000E device.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2624. (Windows 10) You might have received a “FILE_OTHER” error when linking a P2 folder that contained a multibyte name on a shared workspace.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2520. If you had linked h.264 media containing AAC sound and then exported that media to h.264, the editing application would hang.

    - Bug Number: MCCET-2627. (Mac) If you had Boris FX Final Effects Complete installed, you may have had problems with Open I/O devices.

    - Bug Number: MCDEV-9676. Intermittently, the blue bar in the Source and Record monitors did not move.

    - Bug Number: MCDEV-9781. You might have seen the following issues if Run Length Encoded is enabled:
    “Core Consistency Check Failure” errors when recreating animated Marquee titles Media size might not be accurate when working with interlaced projects

    - Bug Number: MCDEV-9523. When linking with the Avid Generic Plug-in, audio waveforms did not build properly in the Timeline when playing back an H.264 movie with AAC audio.


    Media Composer Notes: 

    1.     Desktop Video:  Avid recommends that you do not install Desktop Video software version 10.10.1 on Media Composer versions prior to v2018.5.1.

    2.     Avid Artist DNxIO and Avid Artist DNxIQ: If you are using Avid Artist DNxIO, Avid Artist DNxIQ, or a BlackMagic Designs video device, please update to Desktop Video software version 10.10.1 or higher. The minimum Desktop Video version that will work with Media Composer v18.5.1 is 10.9.11. Older versions will be rejected, and you will not be able to use your hardware until you update.

    3.     Dongle Info (Mac Only): The Dongle Sentinel driver installer is no longer automatically installed when you install the editing application. The driver is now located in the Avid_Utilities folder (/Applications/Utilities/Avid_Utilities/Sentinel_Driver). If you have a dongle, manually install the driver from this location.

    4.     NVIDIA Driver: The editing application supports Nvidia Driver v390.77.

    5.     Quadro 4000 - If you have a Quadro 4000 graphics card remain on the Nvidia v353.82 driver. Avid recommends that if you are on a Windows 7 system and working with the v390.77 Nvidia driver, you should enable desktop composition. See this article for details:

    6.     DX Driver installed separately: Starting with Media Composer v8.9.4, the DX Driver was not automatically installed on Mac systems.With this release, the DX Driver is not automatically installed on Windows systems. 


    How customers will obtain the October Media Composer 2018.10 Update:  

    1.  Customers who have already installed the latest version of Media Composer or Media Composer |First will be notified of the availability of the upgrade via the Application Manager. The Apps tab also provides a link to download and install the update(s) when desired. 

    2.  New customers who purchase Media Composer will receive the update in their Avid Master Account at 

    3.  Customers on current Avid Update plans can download the Media Composer or Media Composer | First update from their MyAvid Master Account and Media Composer customers can also download the update from the Avid Download Center (login and password required.) here:

    4.  Customers NOT on a current Upgrade plan must purchase either 1. new Media Composer Subscription Crossgrade or 2. new Subscription or 3. new Perpetual license to receive this update. 

    Reminder: This release of Media Composer requires an active Upgrade plan. Customers have to have one before installing this update.



    Thanks all!



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