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  • Wed, Aug 22 2018 8:38 AM

    Transition from AMT 2.x to AMT 3.x

    In our software we provide a way how to export/transcode media to MXF/AAF files. So far we have been using AMT 2.x, but we want to move to AMT 3.x. However the API has completely changed and it seems that some of the lower level functions disappeared. Our workflow looks like this: - read media samples from MOV files (using AVFoundation) - transcode video samples to DNxHD/DNxHR codec (using libDNxHR) - write video samples and audio samples to AMT clip (AAF + OP-Atom MXF files for each track + XML) (using AMT) I was going through the AMT 3.x and I could not find lower-level functions like in AMT 2.x (CreateAmtFile, CreateAmtTrack, …) that would provide this functionality. The closest thing I could find was SampleBasedToFileBasedConversion, but it seems to work only on samples stored in files with media asset description XML provided. I could not find a way how to create these file samples and MAD XML from non-Avid files and raw sample data. All examples are for AAFs, MXFs, etc., MediaProcessor throws exceptions when provided with MOV container, so it is hard to find a correct way. The question is: How can we implement our workflow with AMT 3.x? What do you suggest for transition from AMT 2.x to AMT 3.x?
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    Re: Transition from AMT 2.x to AMT 3.x

    Hi Andre,

    We are a 3rd party company too undergoing this same transition to AMT3 and what would be helpful would be a set of complete MADs for all supported Avid formats that can be written.  These would have all of the correct video parameters for every possible format/rate/raster to make sure that we provide compatible parameters.  3rd party code can adjust lengths, etc. but it is a chore to get the MAD video/audio settings for converting non-Avid to Avid media.   

    We have a product heavily built on AMT 2 and are getting our feet wet with AMT3 with existing AAF and OP-ATOMs created with Avid products creating clips from existing Avid clips.  But as you mention, it is more complicated with non-Avid media as the input.

    Currently, we are extracting video/audio from MP4 (h.264) and creating various Avid formats (XDCAM, DNxHD, etc) with our own toolkits and using AMT2  for writing Avid media.    Knowing the complete set of video parameters for the descriptors in the MAD  to be used would help (especially for UHD formats).    AMT2 included a complete set of XML files for all formats supported.  Something like that for AMT3 would help.

    Rich Laws

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