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  • Sun, Apr 22 2018 8:21 AM

    This Mess We're In

    Dear Avid,

    On this very nice Sunday morning I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite songs by two of my favorite artists Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey.

    The reason for this is found in the underneath picture.

    Where it writes 2017.2.1 MediaCentral | Production Server the download provided is a new patched version of MediaCentral | Production Services also known in the past as Interplay production services or DMS Broker.

    Is this just a small typo? A human mistake? Or a new method of saying that all indivual components and their patches will all have the same name as the bundle in the download center? 

    I believe this is another result of the slow but steady decline in lack of focus. Avid I do not care if your marketing team wants to change the word 'Interplay' into MediaCentral. I wouldn't care if they changed it into Purple elephant or Flying hush puppies production. Neither do I care if you want to call the next version 3.9, 2017.3, 2018.4 or 'Sunday April 22 2018 518 years after the Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral lands in Brazil'.

    What's in a name?

    What matters is what organisational method is going to be used and followed across all products to have a consistent version and licensing scheme. First you decide to use the year.version sequence nr scheme to change that later to a year.month.patch version sequence nr scheme. What is next? A version sequence scheme?

    But what really worries me is this:

    What is this now Avid? After iNews command adapts to the new license scheme you go back to the old?

    And than come the readmes... Command 2017.2 is supposed to be compatible with Windows 10. We gave it a try but quickly downgraded the workstation to windows 7 as it showed to same unpredictable behavior as all previous versions of command. Surpisingly 3.6.2 follows the old compatibility scheme.

    So developement of the same products will now continue in both version schemes?

    But it doesn't end there...

    Yes! A new version of Capture that is required for the Glookast integration. Just in time as I'm about to install it this coming week. Hopefully it also has the fixes I (and many others) need to get Capture working on other sites. Quickly find the readme.

    Oh no... not again. The documentation isn't ready yet. But wait a minute that date Dec 28. The 2017.2 readme was only released 2 weeks ago when the .3 version was already available in the download center. Hmm And this .2 readme also writes it was written Dec 22. Avid... please can we remain clear on the release dates of software and documentation?



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    Re: This Mess We're In

    I passed this along to marketing Jereon.

    What is confusing is that we started to have quarter numbers last year, before Avid decided to standardize ALL Avid products on a similar numbering scheme, thus "messing up " the Mediacentral customers in 2017'

    now it's always like this:






    with the 2018.6.x all compatible between them

    and the 2018.9.x all compatible between them.

    The 2017.x is using the quarters, and we now are using months. so Iwe changed this in 2018 to be more consistent across ALL avid products, same method now for MediaComposer etc...


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  • Mon, Apr 23 2018 6:27 PM In reply to

    Re: This Mess We're In

    Hi Marianna,

    Thanks for your reply and passing it on. I understand the new 2018 approach and I'm neither against or in favor of it in respect to the 2017 or pre 2017 approach. Any versioning scheme will do as long as it is consistently used.

    The iNews Command 3.6.2 release however violates the newly introduced logic which might suggest that we are dealing with a parralel scheme for compatibilty reasons like we had when Avid would release patches in parallel for multiple versions of the Interplay products if the fixes would apply to multiple versions.

    The interplay capture story is of another dimension. I prefer to discuss that in private as my words might not be suitable for this public domain.


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