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  • Fri, Mar 30 2018 10:41 PM

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    MC 2018.3 multi camera playback degrades over time

    New MC 2018.3 is a fantastic source of inspiration for writing posts :)


    So, i have 14 streams of DNx120 grouped into the rock-solid avid multicam group with 11 channels of audio.

    everything was fine (in last two years) - i work with direct attached sata drives or raid drives or smb shares (10gb) - so speed always enough to playback all the streams in realtime. the average stream is about 150 mb/sec. I worked that way entire day and weeks without any issues.

    with 2018.3 and My brand new NEXIS pro - i can only play in 9 split mode for a limited period of time
    after clean restart of MC 2018.3 application. for approx 2-3 minutes. Then the performance massively degrades - i can smoothly play only 4 split mode or six cameras in the second bank. But after another 30 minutes of work   - i can not play mcam split smoothly even in these modes. It shows me red lines on the timeline tc track. So i have to restart avid.

    Didn't tried nexis-avid pair with previous MC releases - i think this glitch is a new 2018.3 feature,
    but in my opinion 2018.3 is much faster than previous 2018 or 8.8-8.9 releases in multicamera editing

    why avid with smb shares or avid with cheap raid works faster in multicam than with nexis?
    Nexis is capable of 400 mb/s or 600 mb/s .... 
    i have atto10 gb cards, recommended 10gb switch.
    I have tested with only one active user on NEXIS - it doesn't matter how many users actve.
    mcam playback - degrades over time. 

    the timeline screenshot (notice the red lines on tc track - beginning on 2nd minute):


    the thing is that there is a red line on the tc track of my timeline - indicating that system overloading smthing and dropping frames.  
    disk / network speed - is not a reason - i have at least 200 mb overhead
    processor speed - i have 50% cores load during play
    memory - is almost full (13,8 gb used ) but there are 2 gb free or 8 gb free depending on config
    tried to purge frame cahe - it helps but only for a minute - in a minute playback degrades again.



    my zoo: NEXIS Pro 40 tb sw v18.6.1; MBPro_late_2013 15'' i7 16GBram OSX 10.12.6 MC 2018.12 BMD US monitor (or AJA io XT ), EXT thunderbolt NvidiaGPU... [view my complete system specs]


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