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  • Wed, Feb 14 2018 1:16 PM

    • xagudo
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    iMac Pro vs HP Z8

    We have 3 edit bays with old Grey Tower Mac Pros that are screaming for update. Since Apple kind of let the Pro line drift away we were commited to go PC with the new HP Z8 workstation line. That was until de new iMac Pros were introduced just recently and we suddenly began wondering if we should turn to PC. 

    We mainly do offline editing to transcoded HD material on a Unity server to later online Camera Raws that are grade at an external grading studio. 

    Bit we also want to have the ability of making basic color grading on 4k Material directly on AVID or on 3rd Party software. 

    The iMac is known for its not upgradable configurations, while PCs are very upgradable in all its components. The price Tag was also always an issue, but ro be fair, the new iMacs Pro are very reasonable priced, to the point that the actual price tag for a similar configuration would come to the same ammount of an HP Z8. The iMac Pro has the advantage of the 5K dispaly built in, which for a Workstation would have to me extra. It also comes bundled with 10gb Ethernet and Thunderbolt 3 ports, which would all come at an extra cost on the Z8. 

    Furthermore, the Z8 just got its fmalimg AVID certification while the iMacs Pro will probalby have to wait a while for it. 

    We have been waiting for an upgrade since almost over a year, looking if Apple would announce new Mac Pros which will eventually happen, but we cannot really wait any longer as we have multiple projects in the pipeline that need to catered in an efficient manner. 

    So we´re not really sure what to do now. Should we turn to the upgradable certified HP Powerhouse or commit to the MAC line in which our whole Post department is based? Any thoughts, experience, suggestions or tips?






  • Wed, Feb 14 2018 10:57 PM In reply to

    • Martin Fox
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    Re: iMac Pro vs HP Z8

    I’ve recently bought the 2017 iMac with top of the line cpu and graphics. It’s performing really well, especially with davinci resolve, using HD timeline but exporting in 4K (my monitor chain is HDj

    I too was thinking of going to PC but I’m happy with the plain iMac now that I I have a feel for it in resolve.

    what I do like is the speed of mpeg 4 encode for approvals with the i7 cpu

    check out bare feats ( for iMac pro stress tests

     ote too that the QNAP nas has found a way to use thunderbolt connections for 10gbe ethernet

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  • Fri, Feb 16 2018 5:06 PM In reply to

    Re: iMac Pro vs HP Z8

    Hackintosh.... if you wanna keep the mac centric feel but have a screaming fast, expandable machine without the cost.


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  • Fri, Feb 16 2018 6:11 PM In reply to

    • Isaac T.
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    Re: iMac Pro vs HP Z8

    @xagudo: check out these places for upgrades on your tower: (Mentioned, but great benchmarks on different upgrades.)

    Also, your vintage of Mac Pro might be worth upgrading the CPU. I can send vids that helped me if you tell us about yout towers.

    Would highly discourage a Hackintosh. House of cards. You don't have time for 8+ hours of upgrade time.

    iMac Pro is worth it, but not for Media Composer per se. Other apps take advantage of it, though. If all you need is Media Composer, I'd just upgrade your Mac Pro's.



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