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  • Fri, Dec 8 2017 6:13 PM

    Importing MPG files

    I need to import some MPG archive (Pathe) files into my timeline.  In theory they should be MPEG2 files (although extension is MPG).  Wierdly - they also currently look interlaced rather than progressive (and given it's old film imagine original should be progressive.)

    I'm not currently able to import or link - what is my best work around? I've got Sorenson Squeeze.

    Thank you...

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    Re: Importing MPG files

    Depending on how you many clips you have and what kind of storage you have to keep them - I would convert them in Squeeze to whatever quality your delivery is going to be. If you're delivering in DNX175 - then convert them to DNX175 (I'm assuming this is 23.976).

    You can always work straight from those files via AMA, or you can transcode them to something else (DNX36 or DNX115) to work with - and then relink them to the 175 files before delivery. 

    If the files look interlaced when you're playing them outside of Avid (are you using VLC to play them) - I may be wrong - but it may be difficult to fix. I've never had much luck fixing that - but thats just me. You could try putting a Timewarp on the clip once you get it into Avid and playing around with the Source and Output settings. 

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    Re: Importing MPG files

    Thank you for replying so quickly ...

    They are very short clips, so storage isn't a problem...

    The final project will be HD... there is no sign of interlacing when played with Windows Media Player - more in VLC ... by the time it's imported (via a .mov, which is the conversion I tried with Sorenson), it looks like a 70's wobbly sci-fi effect...

    I don't seem to be able to link via AMA as Avid doesn't recognise the files at all (until they are converted to a .mov) and then I've got the wobbling ...

    Any  other suggestions really welcomed...and thanks so much for your help ...

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    Re: Importing MPG files

    Are these files from the Pathe archive the ones You'll be using for final delivery, or You'll have to replace them down the road? My best guess is that You're cutting with preview files to be later replaced by the purchased footage, correct? If this is the case the files look wonky because they're small in size and blown up when imported in MC; moreover, they might have low resolution encoding artifacts to begin with, and some interlacing problems might have been introduced while transcoding to mov. But since MC won't link mpg files( unless You install a paid plugin) You can't avoid that step; just double check the conversion settings, and do not bother if the clips look funny, the final clips won't (and they won't come back as mpg files...). No need to transcode to DNxHD 175 in the first place, since this is temp footage, You'll transcode to high res the final clips, while You can keep the preview clips at DNxHD 36 or 85, since they're only meant for offline editing, and given the low quality sources will not look any better than that.

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    peace luca

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