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  • Wed, Dec 6 2017 9:54 PM In reply to

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    Job ter Burg:

    I like that idea. 

    Job and George...

    Randy liked it too so here is hoping that low handing fruit feature request gets in



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  • Wed, Dec 6 2017 10:57 PM In reply to


    Thank you M.

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  • Thu, Dec 7 2017 6:44 AM In reply to


    George Angeludis:

    I haven't seen anything so simple not being implemented in MC all of those years.

    JUST A TICK at any clip or media used in a timeline.

    So that the editor can remember if it was used already.

    We have had that in Liquid and it was very helpful.

    So please just add a tick to already (used) media in a timeline.


    Yes, this could be a useful feature, especially when there are numerous clips, among many others in a bin. 

    But what if the TICKed clips are, for example, 30-40 minutes long containing potentially dozens of available shots? 

    Or, in my typical workflow, where you have pre-made a continuous clip Sequence or an Auto Sequence containing 40 mins (or more) of useful time-coded clips from one camera”s chip/drive? If a TICK is placed on an “in use” masterclip or Source Sequence in a bin, that’s fine, but I would prefer a complete solution to somehow indicate on those long, multi-clip “Source Sequences” WHERE multiple clip uses, associated with the currently loaded Composer Sequence, can be found.  To do that, I see a feature that provides “dynamic virtual Decompose” data— a clip / Source Sequence “history” of sorts, where instead of simply showing the last used Mark-in or Mark-Out from a clip or Source sequence, it might be expressed as Gray or a shaded Color sections seen in the source’s viewer area where Markers are currently displayed. 

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  • Thu, Dec 7 2017 3:15 PM In reply to


    Hi George,

    This is not an answer to your request but the functionality you aks for already exists, just not in media composer but in Interplay.

    The idea to have a variation of the 'in use' feature also visible inside media composer is not a bad idea but what I wonder about is how to define the term 'in use' by who or what especially on systems only using a shared storage. In other words should it be the clips used in the loaded sequence, the open bins, the loaded project, all projects?

    The suggestion by Pat,

    Pat Horridge:
    Bin of clips open. Sequence bin open select sequence select show media relatives from bin fast menu. All clips used in sequence are highlighted. Reverse selection and you now have selected all clips not used.

    could as a default UI feature always be represented by a 'tick' in any bin containing a sequence. I can imagine a 'show active media relatives in bin' feature but is that what you want? 

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  • Thu, Dec 7 2017 3:47 PM In reply to


    Job ter Burg:

    I like that idea. It would need to be limited to the active sequence in the Record Monitor, I presume? Otherwise all shots in any use version would be ticked.

    Yes it would have to be and it would have to be for any open bin as well.

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    So much used to 'select media relatives' and sift acordingly to my needs that I never tought of another approach. A tick would be a nice add, it should be tied to the loaded sequence only, for editing purposes; for media management I'd stick to the 'select media relatives' feature, which allows dealing with several sequences at once, to manage media used in different edit revisions.

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  • Fri, Dec 8 2017 1:02 PM In reply to


    Pat Horridge:
    it would have to be for any open bin as well.
    I think you'd have to be able to set that. Use might differ per project type / setup.

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