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    Re: Audio Export - Bad Quality

    I've tried with other 4 songs (mp3) and same result.

    Is it only songs that cause trouble? If so, try lowering the gain when you import them. Songs generally come in very hot. (I'm grasping at straws.)

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  • Sun, Dec 3 2017 9:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Audio Export - Bad Quality

    I downloaded the QT of the music. The QT Inspector showed it as having a sample rate of 46,xxx hz. What is the sample rate for the original MP3's?
    I set a project to 48K and Imported (my preference is not to use Link for audio) the file as a multitrack (stereo) Clip. In my timeline the clip plays stereo peaking at 0db and sounds good.
    I exported this Audio only using the Audio Preset with Stereo and wav set.  Export sounds good.
    I imported the export and edited it back on a second stereo track in the timeline (same IO's as the original tracks IO)
    Playing this new import track only shows it to be exact copy of original in levels and sound.
    Monitoring both stereo tracks simultaneously still sounded good and now with an an appropriate gain in output level (peaking) See attached image.

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