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  • Mon, Nov 6 2017 9:15 AM

    Statistics Folder

    I'm sure someone has already asked for this, but a short search hasn't turned anything up...

    I'm a self-employed editor who works on long-term projects and I often forget to make notes about the amount of time I spend on a project. That's where the "Statistics" folder in Media Composer has often helped me jog my memory and bill my clients correctly. It's proof as well that the Media Composer was, at the least, idling when I claimed it was.


    The statistics folder only stores 24 (TWENTY FOUR!!!!) files at any one time. It records each time the Media Composer is turned on and each time it crashes and is restarted. So the 24 files can thus document just a couple of days of work.

    So please...

    Allow the folder to keep hundreds of files (999? 1024? whatever number programmers like). 

    It would help me enormously.

    Thank you!


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  • Mon, Nov 6 2017 10:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Statistics Folder

    Hey its great soembody actually uses it. For nearly 20years I've been teaching people to just delete it as un needed and unhelpful.

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  • Sat, Nov 25 2017 1:42 PM In reply to

    Re: Statistics Folder

    Every editor uses Avid differently. But is yours the only reaction to my post, Pat?

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  • Sat, Nov 25 2017 3:42 PM In reply to

    • jef
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    Re: Statistics Folder

    I thought it would be useful at first.  Then I realized that it really only lets me know how long MC was running.  That could be hours of time that I was doing something else not even related to the project.

    In fact what I have come to use is the date created and date modified (with times) of sequences as a way to jog my memory as to how much time I actually spent editing.  Even that is just a rough reminder.  I am just bad at keeping notes.


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  • Fri, Dec 8 2017 1:10 PM In reply to

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    Re: Statistics Folder

    I'm a fan of the MC generated statistics, very useful for billing purposes, even if there's no proof that the Avid has been running on a given project while the editor was in fact at a party. I often have to inspect the bins and the Media Tool for clips and sequences creation date and check file creation and last saved dates on the project folder files. The statistics give You a good approximation of the time spent on a project anyway. If only the files were written in a more human readable form...

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